3 Unique + Local Father's Day Gift Ideas


Article by Karen Kwong

Photography by Stock and Provided

June is the month to celebrate Dads! While many like to gift dads something handy, techy or barbecue related, I have the following three Father's Day gift ideas to recommend.

Loofah Soap Bars from Rustic Charm Soapery

Rustic Charm Soapery, an East Brunswick, N.J. based soap studio, is currently showcasing their Loofah Soap Bars for Father's Day. There are so many benefits to a loofah soap! They are perfect for scrubbing away dead dry skin to reveal smooth, baby- soft skin, especially on your feet, knees & elbows!  

Each 4 oz. bar of soap contains a one inch loofah round encased in their shea butter glycerin soap. They lather perfectly and smell great — a must have in your daily shower routine! Dad would love them too! Scents vary each season, and right now BARBERSHOP & LIGHTHOUSE are trending. 

Their best seller is their Whipped Soap Sugar Scrubs. Filled with good nourishing oils, these scrubs produce a bubbly lather that is both moisturizing and exfoliating — a little goes a long way! They can be used as an all over body product in the shower or just leave near your sink to give your hands a good scrub! Their Signature Rustic Charm Soap Sticks are bars of soap which are hand cut to the perfect "on-the-go" size. Vacations, camping trips, overnight getaways — just pack one or two of your favorite scents and you're all set! Why not consider buying dad a Gift Set which comes with options of bars of soap, soap sticks, whipped soap sugar scrubs, sugar scrubs, foot soaks and bath teas. 

Gift building possibilities are endless and they welcome custom orders! You can reach Rustic Charm Soapery at (732) 785-1700, or email them at info@RusticCharmSoapery.com.

Immune Boosting Guide from ELITE Fitness Alliance

ELITE Fitness Alliance, an East Brunswick, N.J.-based fitness studio, has a mission to help busy professionals achieve and maintain their fitness long-term through group training, nutritional guidance and supportive trainers, in a non-intimidating community.

During the pandemic, while fitness studios are closed, their owner Brittany Fedun put together a free guide with steps to naturally boost your immune system.

You can download a copy. If you have any questions, Brittany can be reached at 732-723-8340, or you can contact them through their website.

In times like these, there’s not a lot we have within our control. But we do have one thing…Our own health and well being and our actions towards improving it. That’s why I’ve put together a free guide with steps to naturally boost your immune system! There’s a lot of very simple things you can do instantly to naturally boost the immune system to help fight off illness that isn’t being mentioned. That’s why this cheat sheet can help you and your loved ones. - Brittany

Customized Yard Signs from Sign2Day

If you are from Central New Jersey area, you are likely to see one of these yard signs. During the pandemic, they have been very popular. Sign2Day is the creator behind it.

Sign2Day has been mainly focusing on B2B, helping other businesses with successful marketing with yard signs. However, since the first responder signs, they have had a huge increase in B2C. They will create anything that a client is interested in, whether it is for business or personal. They just recently created a "Thank You" sign for teachers.

If you are interested in ordering a customized Father's Day yard sign to celebrate Dad, you can contact Sign2Day through their website.

Title picture is from Pixabay. Other pictures in this articles are provided by Rustic Charm Soapery, ELITE Fitness Alliance, and Sign2Day respectively.

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