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The Pursuit of 'True Wealth'


Article by Jordan Gray

Photography by Boise Lifestyle Magazine

Idaho Trust Bank helps its clients across the state by providing personable, personalized service.

It's been doing so since its founding in 1994, by brothers Daniel Prohaska and Thomas Prohaska. At the time, the brothers were building a successful law practice. However, their clients were faced with the disappearance of Idaho's “100-year banks” via acquisitions by out-of-state mega-banks. The Prohaskas and their clients were frustrated with the resulting lack of one-on-one engagement service and elimination of local decision-making.

To that end, they created Idaho Trust Bank.

In recent years, the bank has been led by Joel Hickman, who serves as the president and chief banking officer. Idaho Trust Bank has now created a new Private Bank division, in which they will delivering a customized array of services for affluent clients in its two Idaho regions. Joel Hickman will lead the new Private Bank division as president, and will join the company’s board of directors.

Idaho Trust Bank has been focused on a commitment to one of the bank’s key tenets: “The Pursuit of True Wealth.”

“I want the people I come in contact with to be financially secure,” Hickman says. “I’m passionate, straightforward, and I love what I do for a career.”

At Idaho Trust, the definition of "true wealth" is as varied as its clients. Its site lists a few examples, such as, “the freedom to travel or enjoy fine food and wine, running your own business, devoting yourself to the service of others, or just having more time for yourself and the ones you love.”

Hickman defines his own success similarly.

“Good friends, a happy family, and a belief that you’re making a difference in your community,” he says.

As a caveat to those descriptions, Idaho Trust also acknowledges that money and assets are an essential component. They can fund pursuits or provide peace of mind. That’s where Hickman and his team step in.  

“[I’m passionate about] finding solutions for my clients,” he says.  

That aligns well with the bank’s mission to “help clients create and preserve wealth for generations.” The bank says it accomplishes this by excelling at assessing client needs, offering specialized banking products and providing wealth management expertise.

By doing this, they aim to provide “banking for what's next.” Hickman has some experience dealing with "what’s next," as his own career path was unintentional.

“I am an accidental banker,” he says. “I was planning on taking a job with a local paper distributor as a salesman out of college. I took a last-minute interview with a bank, and you know the rest of the story.”

That story encompasses more than two decades in the banking industry, nearly 40 years of marriage, and two daughters. Hickman has served on numerous Treasure Valley boards, including the Boise Public School Foundation, the Boise Valley Economic Development Partnership, Boise Art Museum, the American Heart Association, and the Boise State University Athletic Association and Foundation. His considerable experience also includes some sage advice for the next generation.

Work hard!” he says. “Be passionate about everything you do, have compassion for others, volunteer in your community, make your family No. 1 even when it is hard, and it is OK to fail, just learn from your mistakes.”

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