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Paper Holiday Crafts 


Article by Julie Bonner

Photography by Pintrest

Hello! Here is part II to my Homespun Goodness. This go-around, we will be using something that everyone has at home: paper!

Now that I live in the city, I still like to bring some of my country roots into my home decor. I like to render simpler times and make something with my hands. It’s an amazing since of accomplishment to make something from nothing and have it look amazing. These paper crafts are so easy but will bring you a ton of compliments. I’m going to break a few down in categories for the amount of time they take and skill levels. I like to set you up for success rather than disappointment. Let’s get started!

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Got 10 minutes?

Let's start easy with a simple Rolled Paper Cone. Yes, that is it—but look how cute it is with a few evergreen sprigs just hanging on a cupboard. The ones pictured above are using old sheet music or book pages (which you can photocopy and make more). All you do is roll up, glue closed and add a piece of jute string to hang. These make great gift toppers, add to a neighbor gift basket or hang on door knobs to add a fresh pine smell throughout the house. You can make these tiny or large, try out a few sizes grouped together for a larger impact. If you have the time and resources, you can embellish with ribbon, buttons, a little glitter edge, or any other tidbits you have hanging around.

Design Tip: Try tea staining your new paper to look aged. Here's how.

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