The Best Smoothies in Scottsdale!


Article by Susan Ginsberg

Photography by Susan Ginsberg and Daniel Boone

When I heard about HB Wellness and their infamous, instagram-worthy smoothies, I was super excited to try them. I was getting bored with my own concoctions and wanting to try something new. Little did I know they had every flavor one can imagine- currently around 75 with new ones being dreamed up all the time- and my biggest decision of the day was which one to order. I chose blueberry muffin and I was not disappointed. I thought, 'This is amazing but totally decadent. I can't possibly drink these too often.' Then I noticed the sign on the blackboard saying 'Under 250 calories.' No way. How can this be possible? And therein lies the magic of HB Wellness. The most delicious smoothies I have ever tasted... and healthy too!

Though the smoothies at HB Wellness rival many of the most indulgent blizzards and shakes I have had at my favorite ice cream and yogurt shops, their health benefits are a far different story with each smoothie touting these numbers:

Under 250 Calories, 24 Grams of Protein, 20 Vitamins and Minerals, High Fiber, Low Carbs, Low Sugar

For those choosing to eat dairy free, HB Wellness offers an alternative protein powders that are plant-based. In addition, all the fruit used in their smoothies is organic, with the exception of bananas. Many of the smoothies are also gluten-free.

Something unique about HB Wellness is the pre-smoothie ritual. Who doesn't have a pre-smoothie ritual, after all? When you order your smoothie, you are asked which flavor of iced green tea you would like, which is typically peach, lemon, raspberry, and passion fruit.  The science behind this is that the green tea helps boost your metabolism and the aloe vera in the tea benefits digestion. So while you are sipping away at your iced tea, the staff is blending your perfect smoothie.


In business for 8 years, Daniel Boone is the owner of HB Wellness. When I spoke with him, I asked him why he decided to open up a smoothie shop. An avid health and fitness buff, he explained that he felt there was a void in the fast food industry and having the ability to grab a quick, healthy lunch that wasn't laden with unhealthy ingredients. Especially challenging for all the people who work in the nearby offices wanting to grab a healthy lunch. Daniel shared,

"I love when someone comes in and tells me that for the past month they have been coming in and having smoothies for their lunch instead of the fast food they ordinarily pick up, and that they last 10 pounds and have so much more energy!"

The flavor options of smoothies are beyond fabulous and inventive:

Cake Batter, Chocolate Chunky Monkey, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Pumpkin Banana Bread, Snickerdoodle, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet Cake, The Elvis, Peppermint Bark, and pretty much anything you can dream up is most likely an option.

Another thing I really enjoy about HB Wellness is the atmosphere, which is equally healthy-chic. Buddha statues, game tables, and comfy seating make it the perfect place to meet a friend and grab a nice, healthy treat while socializing in this cool hidden gem of a shop. I also love browsing in the iConsign furniture store attached to HB Wellness, and have found a few little treasures there while noshing on my smoothie.

Though the smoothies cost, $8 each, I believe the price is very reasonable for what you are getting. In addition, for regular customers like me, they offer punch cards that save you 25%. For $30, you will get 5 smoothies, saving you $10 and dropping the ice tea + smoothie price to $6. In the works for HB Wellness is an app, so that customers don't have to have the physical card on hand with them but can use their smartphone.

So cheers to your health and have fun exploring all the fun flavors HB Wellness offers.

HB Wellness is located at 16801 N 90th Street right off Bell and 90th Street in North Scottsdale.

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