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Article by Christina Vescovo

Photography by Christina Vescovo

Erin Feniger-Maggio ran an agency involved in charity, event planning & public relations for years in Los Angeles, working diligently to maximize exposure for the city’s top. A sudden onset of an autoimmune issue causing inflammation of the hands made is impossible to type. She scheduled a meeting with her clients to let them know that she would have to scale back work to heal.

On her way home to her Venice bungalow on Rialto Street, Erin saw a woman walking in baggy jeans covered with splattered paint. She pulled over & asked the woman where she found the jeans. She responded that these were jeans she painted in & would swipe excess paint off the brushes while working.

Inspired by this stylish, casual look, Erin decided to go home & paint her own pair of jeans…and quickly discovered that the movement helped her dramatically reduce the inflammation!

That’s the true story of how Rialto Jean Project evolved! The mix of floral patterns & lace trim on each Piper Jacket is one-of-a-kind. Each piece of clothing is custom detailed & sewn right in Ohio!  

The tops, pants AND jackets are all adorable. Come see for yourself in-store or online!

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