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Exway Electric Supply Co.


Article by Jody Pear

Photography by Provided

Over the past 10 years, the addition of home decor goods to the lighting showroom at Exway Electric has been growing. This year, the arrival of their holiday decorating goods was delayed. Opening boxes of gently packed items in festive colors as the fall season was already approaching felt a little more timely and exciting as opposed to late spring, which is typically when these items are received (a silver lining in the late shipment).

If you’re unfamiliar with Exway Electric, it is a full-service electrical supply company and lighting showroom in Harper Woods. The building footprint takes up an entire city block. I’m sure I’m not the only driver along I-94 who has been appreciating the vivid displays of colorful flowers hanging along the front façade of the showroom, the new sign, and the refreshed entry that can’t help but be noticed.

It’s hard to imagine, but in 1961, this building was a tiny feed store that caught the attention of John L. Joseph, Sr. He was an electrical contractor and had the vision to support local contractors with electrical supplies.

"Today, they continue to be family-owned, the third generation of management."

Building relationships, trust, and high-quality connections with people is the foundation of the business. All of Exway's employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. It is a premier retailer for high-quality product lines that are not available to all retailers. Exway Supply Co. believes that serving its customers and supporting each other is an honor and a privilege, and the low prices is yet another point of pride.

Exway Electric looks for opportunities to contribute to the greater good by selecting product lines from vendors who also contribute in a big way. Bridgewater Candle Company is just one example, and its mission is:

“When you buy a candle, a child is provided three meals, allowing you to be a small part of something big.”

DIY customers can depend on Exway Electric Supply Co. to have a variety of table and floor lamps they can select to dramatically enhance their rooms. If a room is not adequately lit, it will not be a place where people want to relax and spend time. Serving the customers' need for visual appeal and offering various solutions that help them create comfortable spaces is important.

The home decorating enthusiasts know that a seasonal platter and candles can easily add interest and appeal to a dining table. Decorative architectural finials, candlesticks, and a collection of bottles in a wooden crate offer everyday appeal in a living room or family room. Ceramic or glass canisters or tiny lamps in unique shapes and colors can add interest in the kitchen or possibly even the bathroom. All of this and more is available in the Exway Electric Supply Co. showroom, currently on sale, with discounts up to 50%.

Exway Electric appreciates every customer and looks forward to another generation of serving the community and supporting each other.

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