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Meet Jane and Andrew Malecki 


Article by City Lifestyle Somerset Hills

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If you've ever dreamt of traveling the world but felt overwhelmed by the planning, meet Jane and Andrew Malecki, the co-owners of Jandrew Travel Services, a Cruise Planners Franchise based in Somerset County, New Jersey. Jane and her husband Andrew Malecki are not just travel experts; they are passionate globetrotters who decided to channel their love for exploration into a thriving business.

The Power Couple Behind Jandrew Travel Services

Married for 42 years, Jane and Andrew are the epitome of relationship goals. They have two children, Jackie McConville and Alex Malecki, both married and are proud grandparents to Kaylee (9) and Tyler (7). The family is rounded off with their two beloved dogs, McLovin and Castiel.

More Than Just a Business

The couple started their Cruise Planners franchise three years ago in September. For Jane and Andrew, this is not just another business venture; it's a lifelong passion. "We love to travel and decided to have our own business in retirement that would feed our travel addiction while helping others see the world," says Jane.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those looking to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, Jane advises, "Find something that is truly your passion. Have fun and be patient."

A Unique Approach to Business

What sets Jandrew Travel Services apart? Planning a vacation and taking that trip is often fraught with stress. There are so many moving parts, and unknowns that can crop up during the planning process and the actual vacation itself. As part of a Cruiseplanner Franchise, Jane and Andrew do all of the planning and provide each client with their “EPIC Travel” book in both a hard copy and an electronic version as part of our app. All the day-to-day details are there from where and when to be along with confirmation details and important phone numbers. This process starts with a calendar that lays out the payment schedule, excursion, and/or tour decisions that need to be made, as well as packing checklists and even advice on the tipping norms in each country. All the little details are worked out ahead of time, so our clients can focus on maximizing their experience on their Epic Trip.

Future Plans

In five years, Jane sees Jandrew Travel Services organizing and participating in more "Live-It List" destinations, a term they prefer over a “bucket list." The goal for ten years down the line? Extended, two to three-week immersive experiences that they can enjoy alongside their clients.

Expertise and Local Insights

Having traveled extensively to Europe and the Far East, Jane and Andrew leverage their experience and local contacts to craft unique journeys. "We try to schedule out an entire experience for our clients while building in time for pauses and spontaneous exploration," says Jane.

The Personal Touch

Integrity and authenticity lie at the heart of Jandrew Travel Services. Jane prides herself on her listening skills, emphasizing the need to continuously validate what she believes she has heard from her client. "Follow-up is key," she says, "Chemistry is important for both sides of the relationship if it's to work out well in the long term."

More Than Just a Travel Expert

When Jane is not planning your dream vacation, she loves to play Pickleball, read non-fiction about business or travel, and has recently taken up crocheting. Andrew, the other half of this dynamic duo, enjoys cooking. Andrew’s signature dishes are Prime Roast and Sheppard’s Pie.

A Rich Background

Jane spent over 30 years in Corporate America, often juggling work-related travel with family responsibilities. This makes her uniquely equipped to understand the need for meaningful family vacations. "I want to help families find that connection with one another and make the time we all have with our loved ones special so that it lasts and lasts," she says.


Jane Malecki is not just a business owner; she is a dedicated travel planner, listener, and most importantly, a person who understands the value of creating lasting memories. Whether you are looking to explore Europe, the Far East, or any other dream destination, Jandrew Travel Services, a Cruise Planners Franchise, can turn your travel dreams into reality.

Contact Jandrew Travel Services

Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime? Contact Jane Malecki at Jandrew Travel Services today!



Safe travels and unforgettable memories await you!

Location: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

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