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The spoiled milk acid...


Article by Jennifer Buck

Photography by Jennifer Buck

Lactic Acid! The spoiled milk acid…

This little gem is a multi purpose Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) safe for most skin types.  This acid promotes hydration, while reducing pigment and increasing skin cell turn over.

In case you have not seen the trend here all acids exfoliate the skin (thus increasing skin cell turnover) However they each have their own special super power, this acid hydrates and is found in many over the counter creams and serums.

 Fun fact, this ingredient dates back to Cleopatra, she bathed in sour milk, fermentation converts the lactose to lactic acid, and it was used to improve her skins appearance.


·        Helps hydrate the skin

·        Is often used to treat Keratosis pilaris ( those bumps sometimes found on the back of your arms)

·        Its mixed into many peels because of its super power of increasing the skins hydration and helping smooth the skins surface.

·        It is an ingredient found in CeraVE moisturizer

·        It is found in clear start foaming face wash by Dermalogica we promote this for anyone with acne or KP.

This is a case of don’t cry over spoiled milk. I absolutely love this acid. It is no longer created from fermented milk but instead most lactic acid found on the shelf today is a man made version as to control the percentage of acid in a product. 

So if you have basically anything you want to improve with your skin this acid maybe right for you, it is gentle yet effective.  But not my choice for us GenX mommas wanting to fight the hands of time. Next week we will discuss Glycolic acid and its pros and cons!


Jen Buck your glow girl

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