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Leopard Print Swimsuits


Article by Ali Jauregui

Photography by Ali Jauregui

Well you all know by now I am the biggest fan of leopard print and my swimsuits are no exception. Since the summer temps are coming up soon, I wanted to share some of my favorite leopard print swimsuits. From one pieces to bikinis there are leopard print swimsuits for all!

One Piece Leopard Print Swimsuits

There are so many one pieces out there with leopard print - it just depends on your style and comfort. I found some great ones that have fun cutouts, obviously to show more skin, but others that a more reserved but still super cute!  

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Different Colors Leopard Print Swimsuits

I'm all for the traditional leopard print color, but it's fun to mix it up every now and then. I've found some great swimsuits that are in different colors to add some more fun to your swimsuit wardrobe and here they are! Let me know what you think!

Two Piece Leopard Print Swimsuits

Total fan of high waisted bikinis! They are so great when you want to still wear a bikini but have some coverage. And not to mention, they help hide some of my stomach - working on the abs people, ha! I've been wearing them for years now and it's my favorite style to wear. Here are some ones that I am loving for the summer!

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When trying to find the "perfect" swimsuit - it's a must to feel comfortable. I love that there are so many different kinds and prints out there. I always feel my best when I am wearing some leopard print! There are also many places to find swimsuits these days. Some of my favorites places to shop for suits are Amazon, Target and SHEIN. So many great ones at affordable prices. They are easy to return too if it doesn't fit well. One thing I like to do when shopping online for swimsuits is read the reviews. They help so much when deciding which ones to try. Can't wait to wear some leopard print bathing suits this season and have some fun in the sun!