The Baby Bow Fashion Show

Local designer’s girls’ clothing delivers style and attitude

Article by Daryl Dirham

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Local clothing designer Charity Viscounte, owner of Bows by E., has unveiled her new collection designed to transition from late summer into fall. “It’s a time of year in Ohio where you never know if the temperature is going to be 40 degrees or 75,” says Charity. “Everything in this collection is breezy and breathable for active kids, but can easily be made warmer with the addition of some leggings and a jacket.”

The Bows by E. collection is available exclusively at the Blended store location in Belden Village Mall. Blended brings together fashion, accessories, decor and household items all made by local artisans and small businesses. In addition to owning Bows by E., Chasity is also the marketing director for Blended.

Learn more about Bows by E. at BowsByE.com and about Blended at BlendedLocal.com.


“I like outfits that coordinate with each other without being exact copies,” says Charity. Left: Pink and white Beverly Hills BoWrap and white and pink Girl Gang shirt both by Bows by E. Black and white striped pants by Bailey’s Blossoms. Right: Classy BoWrap, Girl Gang shirt and black velvet high-waisted bell-bottom pants by Bows by E.


Two of Charity’s design obsessions are black and white stripes and small floral patterns. Here, each girl sports one of those. Left: black and white striped jumpsuit; Right: floral patterned dress. “Tan and off-white are in both outfits, so the girls coordinate without precisely matching,” says Charity. “We also feature the BoWrap styled two different ways. The first girl has hers tied into a turban, the other’s is tied into a bow.”


“Girls can wear black and camo, too,” says Charity. Pine BoWrap and Bows Over Boys shirt by Bows by E. Camouflage leggings by Bailey’s Blossoms.


“There’s nothing like a good band t-shirt,” says Charity. “This is designed to be worn as a dress by toddlers who’ve started walking … or it can be paired with leggings.” Beatles shirt and Jaguar Midi bow by Bows by E.  Leopard leggings by Bailey’s Blossoms. The Midi style bow comes pre-tied and fastened to a nylon band. It can convert to a ponytail tie as kids grow (or if adults want to borrow it).


Upcycled denim, like the jacket pictured here, and flannel are part of Bows by E.’s latest collection. Items are given new washes and, in some cases, embellished with new graphics. Rock-and-roll and football-themed denim jackets are coming soon. Pictured here with romper by Bailey’s Blossom and Lilac BoWrap by Bows by E. 


“Here we have a navy jumpsuit accented with bright blue and cream and a yellow floral-patterned dress with similar blues. The outfits are completely different but look super cute together,” says Charity. Outfits by Bailey’s Blossoms, pictured with Pine BoWrap turban-wrapped and Chambre BoWrap as a bow.

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