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Chef Richard Sandoval, of Four Seasons Houston restaurant Toro Toro, debuts his first children’s book.

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Renowned chef Richard Sandoval ventures into children's literature with his captivating debut, "Viva Abejas." This enchanting book explores the themes of sustainability, the crucial role of bees in our food system, and the importance of conservation. The book, written for early readers and bee enthusiasts, follows young Ricardo on a transformative journey through his grandmother's backyard.

In this heartwarming tale, Ricardo encounters a wise Queen Bee who becomes his enlightening mentor. Through their interactions, the young boy learns about pollination and the significance of protecting these industrious creatures. Sandoval seamlessly weaves an engaging narrative that empowers children to understand bees' vital role in maintaining a sustainable food cycle. Chef Sandoval concludes the book with his signature guacamole recipe to add a flavorful touch.

Its commitment to making a real-world impact sets "Viva Abejas" apart. Sandoval dedicates the book to three essential purposes: raising awareness about the sustainability of our food system, educating the next generation about bees, and giving back to the community. All proceeds from the book will be donated to two influential organizations.

The first beneficiary is the World Bee Project, which employs advanced AI technology to monitor the health of over 30,000 hives worldwide through the World Hive Network. The second organization is the Akumal Cultural Foundation, which supports a children's library in Akumal, Mexico, where students learn about bees and sustainability as part of their curriculum.

Beyond children's literature, Richard Sandoval is a global pioneer in contemporary Latin cuisine. With over 60 locations across four continents, he has combined Latin ingredients with modern culinary techniques, captivating diners worldwide.

"Viva Abejas" is a testament to Richard Sandoval's multifaceted talents and dedication to making a positive impact. Through storytelling, culinary expertise, and philanthropy, Sandoval has created a captivating children's book that educates, inspires, and raises awareness about the importance of bees and sustainable food practices.

“Working towards a higher literacy rate with bee sustainability and their impact on the foods we eat is something I believe needs more amplification and is a teaching that can start with early learners.” – Chef Richard Sandoval 

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