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Back-to-School Books

Kick Off a New School Year with Five Must-Reads Penned by Local Authors

The Darcy Walker Teenage Sleuth Series + 

Darcy Walker Investigations Series

by A.J. Lape

Discover the electrifying antics of Darcy Walker, the feisty sleuth featured in two book series by local author and West Chester + Liberty Lifestyle writer A.J. Lape. Lape is a master of mystery, deftly weaving humor, faith and coming-of-age into murder and intrigue. The female sleuth thrillers begin with The Darcy Walker Teenage Sleuth Series and continue to trace her adulthood adventures in the Darcy Walker Investigations Series. You can’t help but cheer on this endearing heroine in her crime-solving capers as she lives life like a verb and on a mission for justice. Find more book series by this talented novelist at her website.

Dragon’s Eye

by Gregor Pratt

The latest thriller in the Jack and Maddy Gamble Series by Gregor Pratt, Dragon’s Eye will keep you guessing with twists and turns and a scorcher of a plot. This is the second book in the series, a follow up to Pratt's timely drama, Ebola Island (2019). When Maddy disappears from their idyllic life, Jack questions everything he’s ever known about his wife, racing the clock to unravel the puzzling mystery. The local novelist delivers a page-turner packed with international intrigue and a compelling cast of characters that leaves readers wondering where fact ends and fiction begins.

Adventures of Hope

by Shannon Petree + Jessi Journey

Adventures of Hope is a book series designed to support children through life's adventures. In A New Family for Hopi, the first of nine stories, an adorable and tenacious pug discovers who they are and what gifts they bring to their world by finding belonging, activating their voice, navigating family dynamics and more. Written by educators and brought to life by illustrator True Knowles, the inspiring book explores themes of adoption, sharing, friendship and new beginnings. Based on realistic life events, these books stir readers of all ages to be curious and courageous as they step into the unknown.

Did I Upset Grandma?

by Kristy High

Children’s book author Kristy High is passionate about literacy. As an educator and advocate for emergent readers, she wants her books to not only share a message, but also bring families together. In her latest book, the award-winning writer introduces young Alex who is excited that Grandma is moving in with his family. When he learns she has dementia, he wonders if their relationship will ever be the same. With relatable characters in real-life situations, High tackles a challenging topic that starts conversations and relieves anxieties that children might have about someone close to them who is living with dementia.

The Broken Shards

by Ruthvik Kotagiri

Book One in the Reality’s Reach trilogy, The Broken Shards is a sci-fi story from the creative mind of Lakota ninth grader Ruthvik Kotagiri. In just one year, Kotagiri penned and self-published a complicated tale of four best friends that travel to the moon and must fight for their survival against a major threat to their world. Find this adventure story on Amazon in both print and electronic versions, as well as at our local MidPointe Library. The two follow-up novels will soon be available to complete the three-part action and adventure series.

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