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Baking For A Cause

Down Right Sweet Treats

What started out as a fun hobby creating cakes and serving friends quickly turned into a bigger dream for Tkale Ribble, founder of Down Right Sweet Treats. What if making these cakes could bring joy to others and support a bigger cause? As her family continued to grow, they found their hearts being pulled in the direction of adoption. More specifically, an adoption with International Down Syndrome Adoption. Down syndrome is downright beautiful, and the inspiration for the name: Down Right Sweet Treats.

Tkale takes specialty custom orders and teaches cake decorating classes at Lemons & Lace Boutique. She shared a few tips on decorating the perfect cake.

1. Have the right tools. Some key tools to have would be a good turntable. It’s pretty much impossible to decorate a cake without one! Another key tool is a cake scraper. This is what gets the sides smooth. My favorite cake scraper is an Ateco cake scraper.

2. Never decorate a warm cake. Always allow the cake to chill before decorating.

3. When baking a cake, bring all the ingredients to room temperature. It makes the cake bake more evenly, and you don’t end up with a huge muffin top. Even just leaving the eggs out for 30 minutes before really helps.

4. Baking in Colorado is sometimes pretty tricky. I find baking the cakes at 25 degrees cooler than the recipe calls for and keeping them in longer helps them bake better.