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Baking in a Box founders, Bella Zoll (left) and Jordan Lapidus.

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Baking In a Box

Bakers, Besties and Entrepreneurs Have All the Ingredients for a Sweet Business

Some of the best ideas come when they are least expected … like when you’re hanging out with friends and a fresh idea for a new business hits you like a sugar jolt after a slice of birthday cake. “About two years ago we were having a sleepover, hanging out and baking cookies, when we came up with the idea of creating a baking business where we would deliver the ingredients to people,” says Jordan Lapidus, co-owner with best friend Bella Zoll, of Baking in a Box. “We thought it was such a good idea. We got so excited about it, but it wasn’t until last year when the pandemic started that we thought it could be something that would really work.”

The Winston Churchill High School sophomores are making baking easier and more accessible with their ingredients-only boxes of deliciousness. Creating a business model based on market research with true treat lovers–their friends–chocolate chips cookies handily beat out oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodles. With chocolate chip cookies laying the foundation, Baking in a Box was born.

Launched in June 2020, this baking duo has created a business based on providing customers with all the non-refrigerated ingredients needed, boxed-up, and delivered to make gooey, homemade goodies. Customers provide the eggs, butter and milk, per the recipes.

“We’re focused on families and helping children learn to bake,” says Bella. “It’s really a great family activity, especially families with younger kids.”

As the business grows, Bella and Jordan are delivering ingredient kits for all sorts of occasions: parties, sleepovers, bake sales, and of course, family fun. With eight varieties of cookies, three cupcake options and two crispy treats, sweet cravings are being satisfied across the DMV. The founders have their sights set on expanding their offerings, including, more gluten-free options, seasonal boxes for holidays, and one day bringing their baking boxes to a national audience.

A big part of their business model includes giving back. Fifteen percent of every box sold goes to charity. To date, various Red Cross organizations and No Kid Hungry have benefited from their endeavors.  

 “We want to inspire others to learn to bake and to learn to love to bake as much as we do,” says Jordan. On occasion the partners even get back to doing some baking themselves. In February, demand was high for their homemade Valentine’s Day cookies. After all, cookies–and for that matter, cupcakes and crispy treats–are always a good idea.

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  • Baking in a Box founders, Bella Zoll (left) and Jordan Lapidus.