Baking Only The Best:

Barking Dog Bakery Offers Healthy, All-natural Dog Treats to Optimize Pet Health

For Sherri Lanier, baker/owner of Barking Dog Bakery, the bottom line is offering products that support the health of your dog. Everything they produce, including all-natural dog biscuits, cakes and pastries, is focused on clean eating.

“There is no reason for there to be salt, sugar, preservatives or excess fillers in what you feed your dog,” Sherri explains. “All of our products are baked with five ingredients or less.” 

The products that Barking Dog Bakery produce are designed to help with your dog’s nutritional needs and optimize their daily health. In addition to soft treats, Barking Dog Bakery also features frozen yogurt, custom dog biscuits and even birthday cakes to celebrate your pup’s (or kitty’s) special day.

“Our products offer the benefit of being freshly baked and healthy for your pet,” she adds. “They supplement their daily diet, and can help with tummy issues, hips and joints and even skin issues.”

For pets with health concerns, Sherri and her staff can help create custom dog biscuits that will help with nutritional needs and can supplement the daily diet. For pets with allergies, the bakery sells wheat, gluten, soy and corn-free treats. A fully stocked boutique on site offers hand-selected cat and dog food, dental health products, locally made leashes and collars, pet clothes, toys and more.

Barking Dog Bakery is located at 2038 NW 30th St. in Oklahoma City and is open Tuesday through Saturday. Find more at BarkingDogOKC.com or facebook.com/BarkingDogBakeryOKC.

Delicious Dog-Friendly Carob Cookies

Indulge your dog with these tasty treats, which are both delicious and healthy. These cookies contain only three simple ingredients, are quick to whip up and are perfect for dogs of all sizes. Carob is the main ingredient, which is a healthy, safe alternative to chocolate that pups can enjoy in moderation. In addition to being safe for dogs, carob powder is a good source of calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation. These cookies are made with both carob and pumpkin puree, so they are rich in fiber that helps promote healthy digestion. The pumpkin puree also adds moisture and healthy vegetable nutrition. (Be sure to not substitute cocoa powder in this recipe, as it is toxic for dogs to ingest.)

To make dog-friendly carob cookies, combine equal parts of the following ingredients in a mixing bowl:

  • Flour of your choice (all-purpose or any desired flour will work, but oat flour is a healthy gluten-free option that contains many vitamins and nutrients)
  • Pumpkin puree 

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