Banging Burgers in OKC

OKC Lifestyles' Publisher Goes on Quest For OKC's Best Burgers

Article by Bryan Hallman

Photography by Bryan Hallman and Provided

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

I’m a foodie. I have always loved to eat and, to be honest, with you I think I’m pretty good at it as well. Each month this year, I’m getting out and about to look for the best of the best of local food. This month I’m starting with burgers.

Cheeseburgers and my favorite food. Well, everything is my favorite food, but burgers are my go-to.  I tried four locations in and around the OKC area. Here is my list. 

Little Mike's

Little Mike's Hamburgers is easily one of the best burgers in Oklahoma City. Located at 6724 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, Mike’s is worth the drive to get to. The famous onion fried burgers are made with fresh and simple ingredients. I had the double meat cheeseburger with an order of large fries, and I could tell the meat and the toppings were fresh. The fries were fantastic. 

I like Mike’s so much that I’ve gone back twice. The onion rings looked amazing and several people raved about the fried pies. I even had another customer tell me she drives to Mikes for the corndogs. 

Nic’s Grill

What hasn’t been written or said about Nic’s Grill that I can add to? Nic’s is located at 1201 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City. I had never eaten at Nic’s and as I asked friends about burger locations in the metro.

Nic’s was on everyone’s list. The atmosphere is as good as the burgers. I got a seat at the counter and met a guy from Texas who was in town for the holidays, and he said while in town, he’ll eat there every day. 

I had the Cheeseburger Basket with an egg and bacon on it. The meat is fresh and cooked perfectly. Nic’s serves up great curly fries as well. I may have to try the chicken fried burger next time. Again, I can’t add anything other people haven’t said about this place. 

The Fixx

The Fixx at 644 W Edmond Rd, in Edmond, is a true hidden gem. I tackled the BEAST. What an amazing burger! Cheddar, bacon, hotlink, house-made chili, grilled onions and jalapenos make this a burger that is truly fitting the name. 

The chili was scrumptious, and the hotlink had the perfect amount of kick. I have to be honest - the fries at The Fixx were my favorite. A full line of salads, sandwiches and great starts are on the menu as well. A full bar and a great selection of beers make this a perfect place for a casual dinner or after a round of golf. 

Paddy Wagon

Paddy Wagon at 3600 N May Ave, Oklahoma City was awesome. Paddy Wagon makes a great burger but what truly makes this place special are all the add ons and sauces. I had the double meat cheeseburger, grilled onions, spicy mayo, lettuce and pickles. I had a large fry and large onion ring as well. 

The burger was cooked perfectly and the spicy mayo really put it over the top. I imagine with all the sauces and add ons you could eat here every day for months and still not have the same burger twice. The staff was amazing and walked me through the process. 

Others to Consider

Here are some others that are must-try suggestions. The onion burger at Bel Mar CC in Norman is just AMAZING from the house-made bun to the pickles. The word is they may be opening a burger bar that is open to the public this Spring. 

The Trails Bar and Grill at Rose Creek Country Club has The Brunch burger. It is like breakfast on a bun.  

Johnnie’s is a local tradition and has several locations in and around the metro. I’m a #9 guy with extra sauce, extra onions and large onion rings. 

The Garage also has several locations around the metro and offers lots of options for a burger lover. All locations have keto or low carb options. 

For March, I'm searching for the metro’s best chili dog. If you have suggestions, let me know at

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