Banksy or Barber?

Railway Barber Shop Will Blow Your Mind—and Deliver a Great Cut to Boot

Article by Carly Tamborski

Photography by Stephanie Meinberg

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

While giving a good cut is the passion of Railway Barber Shop owner Brian Maxson, fascination (awe?) is the first thing most clients feel when they walk into this newly renovated Loveland landmark, branded (of course) by the quintessential barber pole. Come crack open a craft beer, play Nintendo, marvel at the art (even on the ceiling)—truth, you’ll want to just to hang out.

Opening up shop was somewhat fate for this tenured barber, who had spent nearly 20 years of his career in Mariemont.

“A customer of mine in Loveland told me the barber he normally went to just closed—the same day the rent sign went up, I signed the lease,” Brian remembers, quickly making the shop his own with refinished floors (carpet, begone), adding his signature character, flair, and most recently, a third chair, a new sign. “This was my dream location—I really wanted to open a barbershop in the community I live in. It sounds cliché, but it feels like I’m living the dream.”

Clients likely feel the same—that they’re dreaming the moment they step through the door. The once-traditional shop is now styled with graffiti, plants, Maxson’s own woodwork, mirrors, movie art, more. It’s classic but modern. Approachable but cool.

But as awesome as the vibe is, the most important part? The cuts. These flows and fades are popular styles that all-age guys are rockin’ right now …

  • The Joe Burrow is a fave—they just call it ‘The Joe.’” ’Cuz who wouldn’t want to look like the next Tom Brady?
  • Skin fades are always huge—that’s where it’s skinned out on the sides and blended into about an inch of hair on the top.”
  • “The third is … I don’t know what it’s called, I need to think of a name for it. You know what, we’re naming it right now!” Brian laughs. “The Loveland Flip—kids go shorter on the sides and the back, but long on the top and front, then brush it down and kind of curl it up.” Reference? TikTok.
  • Last, but not least, “Mullets! Mullets are hot. Cincinnati is a sports town, so if you pay attention to how some athletes wear their hair, you can bet within about a month, boys will have their hair just like that. The mullet started here in the U.S., went to Europe, and came full-circle back—now it’s more of a mix between mullet and mohawk.” European soccer stars lead, mullet-style. NHL skaters boast “flow.” But even baseball and football pros like Gardner Minshew have made the “Mississippi Mudflap” super cool to sport.

Appointments are encouraged (bookable online)—come for a cut, steamed towels, a hot lather, but stay for the music, free beer and barbershop banter.

www.RailwayBarberShopLoveland.com | 106 Railroad Ave, Loveland

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