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Barbara Denler Johns

Women of DIstinction Profile

Barbara Denler Johns always had a passion for photography. She turned that passion into a career, and now owns her own business, Good Company, where she represents commercial photographers and other artists.

Her success, she believes, is not just based on her own talent, but is also due to important people in her life who influenced her in meaningful ways. “My mom led by example with her thirst for knowledge, positive attitude and work ethic. She taught me to be honest, strong and independent and gave me confidence in so many areas.”

Barbara was also inspired and influenced by her high school photography teacher. “He was a wonderful teacher and extremely passionate about the craft of photography,” she says. This led her to major in fashion and product photography in college and cemented her path in life. 

Her advice to other women: “Trust yourself and value your instincts. Always surround yourself with people who are positive, who you can learn from and who inspire you. You can always learn things from people who are both older than you and younger than you. Listen.”

Barbara is also a member of the Tau Beta Association. “It’s a great group of intelligent women who volunteer and bring a lot to the community in multiple ways. I also help support Jenelle Lefief with her organization [Phoemale]. Giving back and surrounding yourself with that positive energy helps the community in general and is very fulfilling. 

“Everybody faces challenges and I think the more we’re exposed to people and have an understanding of what they’re going through, the more it helps us see things differently in life.” 

Barbara also has a great network of girlfriends whom, she says, have been a wonderful support system. “I’m grateful for the women in my life.”

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Who: Barbara Denler Johns 

Title: Photographer, Agent, Volunteer

Where: Grosse Pointe

Advice: If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.

[Pull quote: Always surround yourself with people who are positive, who you can learn from and who inspire you.]