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Barber Shops in Westfield

Behind the Scenes at Three Popular Spots

On any given day, as you drive down Elm Street in Westfield, you'll see the hustle and bustle in and out of any one of our town's barber shops. As a matter of fact, barber shops seem busier than ever before! We know it's hard to choose exactly which place will work for you and your family, so we thought we'd sit down with a few local owners and hear what gets them excited to open their doors every day!

(James Ahearn)

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

I moved to Westfield from the Berkshires about 10 years ago. Westfield is what Pittsfield used to be in the 90s, with the working class people‘s downtown and small shops. I have a 23-year-old daughter, who is finishing up her Masters, and an 11-year-old son who is at my hip. I have a piece of land in the Berkshires, a property in the Carolinas, and I recently just purchased a house here in downtown Westfield.

How did you get into the profession?

I originally went to school to be a chef, but I realized that I did not enjoy cooking. I got into sales and I liked to talk. As I was sitting in the chair with Matt Ketchum, also known in the industry as MK The Barber, he told me I should go to school to cut hair. I went back, got my license and the rest is history. 

What made you open your own barbershop?

My whole life I knew that I was never going to work for anybody. I’ve been cutting hair with a license for over 10 years. Four of my best friends and I all own barber shops. 

What do you love most about your profession?

A lot of times kids start coming to you, they don’t sit still and they’re super annoying. They become teenagers, start caring about their hair a bit, and want it perfect. The 18 to 20 somethings get girlfriends, go on job interviews, and become adults. I love being part of that process.

As a side note, if anybody’s interested in becoming a barber, now is the time - the industry is short-staffed!


(Justin Bard)

How did you get into the profession and how long have you been doing it?

My barbering career started in 2000 at the young age of thirteen in my parent’s garage with two mirrors and a pair of clippers.  Looking back, I know the wheels were in motion for my career. Soon, I was cutting hair for the neighborhood kids, family, friends, and I even groomed a few dogs and cats. This experience served me well during my military service to earn a little extra cash cutting the hair of the guys in my unit. After my enlistment, my mom encouraged me to go into the barber profession. She said, "You were born to be a barber!" 

What made you open your own barber shop?

I have always envisioned myself opening a shop in my hometown of Westfield, and giving back to the community that shaped who I am today.  My dream came true with the support of my family and friends.  

What makes your shop different?

Outside of a unique shop atmosphere, I believe a few things differentiate us. First, five out of our eight barbers have served in the military. Because of this, we offer a military and first responder discount.  Also, most of the barbers have children and understand the importance of minimal wait times. Lastly, we take pride in cutting both adults and children, and we work hard to make the barbering experience enjoyable for all age groups.


(Isander "Lex" Robles)

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

My name is Isander Robles but everyone calls me Lex. I’m 47 years old and I've owned Gaslight Barbers since 2010. I'm a Master Barber, a Realtor and SMP Artist (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation cosmetic tattoo for people dealing with hair loss). I create hip hop music and I love sneakers. My wife is a Realtor, as well, and manages other small businesses. I have a son, 3 step daughters and five grandchildren. 

How did you get into the profession and how long have you been doing it?

When I was 12, my mom asked what I’d like for Christmas and I asked for a pair of clippers. Not only because I loved getting a haircut, and the barber shop atmosphere, but because I only got a haircut on special occasions. So, I started buzzing my hair, my brother's hair, and a couple of our friends in the neighborhood. Fast forward to when my son was born in 96.’ I went to barber school and I’ve been cutting ever since. I’ve been a barber for over 20 yrs.

What made you open your own barber shop?

I wanted to own my own business in order to create an atmosphere which was family-friendly, due to barber shops having a bad reputation. 

What makes your shop unique?

Our professionalism makes us unique. We have an app to book your appointment with any available barbers. We try our best to make sure we get you in the chair at the time you requested. We have a “No Profanity” policy in order to regulate the conversations and keep it PG for everyone. Some don’t like it, but most families appreciate it. 

What do you love about it?

I love boosting people’s self esteem by making them look their best. I love cutting hair and as an artist I can express my art through a cut. Good conversations, networking and sharing wisdom make it fun. It doesn’t feel like work at all . . .

  • Justin Bard, Owner, Westfield Barber Company, 243 Elm Street
  • James Ahearn, Owner, The Barber Parlor, 236 Elm Street