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Learn about the family behind Barney's Pharmacy

Everyone has heard of Barney’s Pharmacy, but do you know the story behind it? Barney’s Pharmacy is a family owned, full-service pharmacy and medical supply store. It is run by Barry Bryant and his three daughters, Vanessa Hoffman, Stephanie Tankersley, and Brittany Smith. 

  The name for Barney’s Pharmacy comes from the original owner, Barney Crouch. He started Barney’s with the help of some family members back in the 1950s. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy, hence the famous Georgia Bulldog in the logo. In the 70s, Barney Crouch sold the pharmacy and then in 1984, Barry Bryant came to Barney’s. Barry was born in Augusta and then moved to Louisville when he was eleven years old. He stayed there throughout his high school years and then attended the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy. After college, he moved back to the CSRA. When Barry took over Barney’s Pharmacy, there was only the Peach Orchard location. Now there are seven locations available, Grovetown, Peach Orchard, Louisville, Fury’s Ferry, Wrens, Long-Term Care, and Serenity. Living in Louisville is what inspired Barry to open a pharmacy there.

  Barney’s Pharmacy’s goal is to help you heal. With a variety of support groups and classes available, Barney’s is able to help everyone. Barney’s Pharmacy offers an ostomy support group, breast cancer support group, smoking cessation support group, healthy heart classes, and a diabetes education class. “We want to take care of our community with a Christian heart,” says Barry. “I’m not shy about letting people know we’re a Christian run business.” “The Lord has blessed me, there is not a thing that I need. As long as He continues to do that, I want to continue giving back to the community and support a lot of the ministries and missions that are going on right here in our own hometown. That’s the mission of Barney’s,” says Barry. Another thing that Barney’s does that you don’t see at a typical pharmacy, is that they offer Pastoral Care. Pastor Harold Jones is available to help patients, or even employees, that are struggling or going through tough times and is available to give spiritual guidance. He also does hospital visits and home visits.

  When asked what it is like working with her dad, Vanessa says, “I really enjoy it. Being a female in a pharmacy, he allows us to work as we need to, because we do have kids. Also, being able to learn all parts of the business and not just one. I get to learn how to manage and run different departments. I just really enjoy doing all of it.” Vanessa runs the Long-Term Care Department. With the Long-Term Care Department, Barney’s offers bubble packs for medications, help for personal care homes, nursing homes, rehab centers, and individuals that require special packaging. Stephanie can be found at the Grovetown location. She is the Head Pharmacist and has been there since they opened in 2012. “We’re at different locations but we’re always in communication,” says Stephanie. Brittany, who is the Head Pharmacist at the Fury’s Ferry location says, “To be able to work and share the same passion that my dad does is great.” 

  “We love what we do, which makes our job easier,” says Barry. “Yes we fill prescriptions, but we do all this other stuff that you’re just not going to get anywhere else.”

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