7 Acres BarNGrill

Celebrating Five Years and opening a new cafe at Scottsdale Farms

On the eastern border of Canton lies a property that has seamlessly become a culinary gem, blending history, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to community excellence. 7 Acre BarNGrill is a familiar and cherished dining experience in the area.

The building itself exudes authenticity, a silent witness to the changing tides of modern times. Rooted in 1930s architecture, the restaurant offers patrons a journey back in time. Once a historic feed and seed store that transformed into a gas station, it now stands reborn as an enticing BarNGrill, preserving the timeless feel of days gone by. As guests enter, they are greeted by the aroma of hearty appetizers giving way to an inviting long bar. The charm emanates from the creaking wooden floors and the mystique of split-level seating areas.

Josh Read, partner of the establishment and Cornwell UK native, describes it as "an immersive experience where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, creating a unique atmosphere that sets us apart."

Honoring the character of the past, the property embraces imperfections with its charming aged architectural blemishes. They are visual metaphors for guests to embrace as they dine with family within the shell that defines the tapestry of the restaurant's history on its 7-acre property.

The long bar houses an exquisite whiskey selection, showcasing a commitment to providing a deep menu of choices for its discerning customers. At the centerpiece of this collection lies the mesmerizing Infinity Bottle, a tall glass beverage dispenser that transcends old traditions with a modern twist. The Infinity Bottle - a forever pour, is a beacon for whiskey lovers, representing a departure from the conventional practice of combining the last sips of various labels into one mixed dispenser. The team has revolutionized this tradition by pouring full bottles of rare and exceptional labels into a singular concoction.

As each bottle empties, Polaroids are placed within the pages of a leather-bound chronicle. The book allows patrons to flip through its pages and witness the progression of its history. Pappy's, Blanton's, Eagle Rare, and Boss Hog—all sold as one single pour! Whether it's something magical or a delightful surprise, patrons become part of the Infinity experience captured in this ever-evolving masterpiece.

Josh envisions 7 Acre BarNGrill as more than just a cocktail or culinary destination. He expresses, "The goal for 7 Acre would be to become more of a respected culinary powerhouse in the area. We will be making more respectful decisions about the products we bring in. Buy from more farmers and grow more of our vegetables." In collaboration with Chris Sedgwick, a visionary behind 10+ properties around Atlanta, Josh emphasizes a commitment to creating hyper-local experiences that resonate with the community's heart and soul. Sedgwick owns a piece of land opposite The Union, and he's invested and partnered with Chris Mitchel, who works at 7 Acre, to become the farmer/gardener there to grow vegetables in a big way this year.

2024 is a fifth birthday celebration, setting the stage for a remarkable gathering that has grown in scale and splendor each year. Last year's festivities saw a spectacle unfold, with a lamb roasting outside, accompanied by the lively tunes of a band, drawing in approximately 200 attendees. This year's celebration promises to surpass expectations. Visit @7acrebarngrill for updates.


The Gin and Josh


Ice and a King Icecube

2oz Gin – Preferably London dry

.1 oz Benedictine

.75oz Fresh Lemon

.75 fresh basil syrup or 1:1 sugar syrup

A generous bouquet of basil leaves

Black pepper


Begin with a chilled glass

Pour Gin and then fresh lemon juice into a shaker

Add the sugar syrup (can be boiled in a pan with a cup of water)

If you prefer sour, reduce the sugar

Keep a basil sprig for garnish

In your shaker, crush 8-10 leaves and bruise to draw out oils of basil

Add two bar spoons of B&B Benedictine liqueur to the shaker mix

Add some ice, shake hard, add more ice, and shake a second time 

Dump ice cooling glass and replace it with a king ice cube

Double-strain from shaker to glass to keep basil bits from the drink

Garnish with basil leaf and cracked black pepper. Cheers!

This spring, an exciting new chapter is on the horizon as Josh and the partners at 7 Acre, with the addition of Tyler Williams Chef, continue to carve out a solid reputation across the Canton and Milton landscape. They will unveil "The Cafe at Scottsdale Farms." Open 8 am-3 pm. This latest venture promises to deliver breakfast and lunch with sophistication, including English high tea offerings. It is a testament to their partnership and dedication to diversifying their culinary repertoire and brand for the community. Visit TheCafeatScottsdaleFarms.com

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