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Bathtubs and Bumpy Roads

The Design House story 

Two years after settling into their new home in North Texas, Ty and Jennifer Homeyer were faced with a decision that many others would ponder in the coming months of 2008: What do we do now? When Ty’s future at the job that had brought the couple and their three children to the Dallas-Fort Worth area became uncertain, Jennifer, a registered nurse at the time, and her husband made the decision to control their own destiny by purchasing a small business. Within a month, they were the new owners of a modest flooring store in Denton with a bumpy road ahead of them. 

Despite the odds against them, the building the Homeyers purchased would transform into the Design House: a top-rated, relationship-oriented home interior remodeling business that provides “superior design, quality products, installation and build services” to customers in the DFW area. By understanding the importance of reliability, relationships, and trusting God, the Design House has become unrecognizable from its meager beginning, but the transformation was not intentional. 

Nearly a month after making the decision to run their own business, Jennifer’s busy days in the hospital had turned quiet as she began managing Carpets Plus in Denton as the new owner. The store was not highly trafficked as the height of the recession began. 

Two months after purchasing the building, Ty quit his current job and began his own consulting business. Though this choice was a gamble, it was a risk that paid off in multiple ways. “He made more money doing that than we would have if we had stuck with the safe choice,” Jennifer said. 

Ty’s consulting consisted of various home renovation products that were then brought into Carpets Plus to sell. “In order to keep the store going, I had to sell whatever came through the door.”

Through the years, the couple established lasting relationships with vendors that would continue to supply their business. Recognizing the importance of affordable pricing and quality products, the Homeyers opened Stonemeyer Granite, so they would know exactly where the materials come from. 

Ten years later, the Design House was born, replacing the ‘Carpets Plus’ title above the front doors in 2018. Instead of focusing on one aspect of home remodeling, the Homeyers realized that “many times when people are doing floors, they’re doing other things to the house,” Jennifer said, “We can take your house down to studs, and redo it. That’s what we now specialize in.”

The Design House has capitalized on that fact. From cabinets, doors, windows, countertops, and so on, the Homeyers have perfected their craft and kept their business in the family. In 2022, their oldest son opened ‘Haltex Plumbing’ which handles all plumbing work for the Design House. 

While some aspects of the company are local, they have also built relationships with some of the largest and well-known suppliers in the industry. One of those being Daltile, a long-time partner of the Design House and “America’s leader in tile.” The once-small company in Denton is now one of seven Daltile statement dealers in the area. Finding the precise tile for your home will be even easier with the new updates the Design House has set for this year. 

Partnering to offer more services and products is not the only way the growing business has progressed over the years. To simplify the shopping experience, the Design House is updating its 10,000 sq. ft. showroom with a portion dedicated to Daltile. Instead of browsing materials from different manufacturers spread around the space, the new showroom will devote specific areas to brands, making finding and selecting what you want a breeze. 

If you don’t find what you want in the Daltile section, walk a few steps away to the Porcelanosa area, a Spanish retailer of luxury surfaces, fixtures, and tiles and a recent partner of the Design House. 

Though the Design House space may be smaller than that of a Home Depot or Lowes, customers’ choices are not limited, and they offer most of the same, high-quality goods, often for a cheaper price and quicker shipping time. “There is no project too small, as there is also not likely a project that is too big,” Jennifer said. 

Though luxury items like a Tiffany-Blue bathtub or rose-gold faucets are readily available for purchase and installation, the Design House goods and services are fit for any type of customer. In fact, Jennifer has served as one of 18-20 owners across the nation on the board that helps Shaw Flooring, one of the largest flooring companies around, make decisions on what products to sell for the last two-and-a-half years.

The Design House is the product of years of carefully combining Ty’s business background, Jennifer’s steadfast personality, their reliance on family, and trusting God through it all. No matter the ask, the Homeyers likely know exactly what is necessary to transform your home, just as they did to their business in “pure Homeyer fashion.”