Battling Blah Winter Skin

All About You Medical Spa Tips for Lightening and Brightening

Wow - 2020 has been quite the year!

Despite the not-so-great changes in our lives, there are many things we can do to feel better: meditation, cooking healthy meals, nature walks and, yes, aesthetic treatments. We hear from patients all the time that they don’t like the way they appear on Zoom or FaceTime calls recently and want safe, non-invasive solutions to their skin issues.

Now with masks hiding our lower face, our attention goes to the upper face. One of our favorite treatments is the Plasma Pen, to give saggy lids a transformational “non-surgical” eyelid lift. Energy from the Plasma Pen penetrates down into the skin and remodels the collagen to tone, tighten, and lift the eyelid. Results are long lasting and less than half the price of a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). 

Improve tired eyes and correct under eye discoloration with dermal filler. There are a number of wonderful dermal fillers that have long lasting staying power. A smooth hyaluronic acid filler can correct hollowed out tear troughs, creating a nice, even contour from eyelash to cheekbone. And of course, there’s always Botox, Jeuveau, and Xeomin to erase those worry lines… and who doesn’t have worry lines now?

The lower half of the face - beneath the mask - is a different set of problems. Many of our clientele have been clamoring for acne solutions in the peri oral, cheek, and chin area. Heat, friction, and bacteria from soiled masks contribute to congested pores, blackheads, and cystic acne. 

We’ve seen fabulous results with chemical peels. A salicylic peel works for teens and adults alike. It will kill bacteria and dries up active acne on the skin. The VI peel is also great for acneic skin and reducing pigmentation and melasma. These peels are painless and take about 20 minutes. Your skin will turn over in the next few days following the treatment revealing an improved, cleaner and brighter complexion.

“Maskne” can also be treated with manual extractions if needed and follow up care with Jan Marini skin care products which correct blemish prone skin. 

Lasers are a terrific way to beat the skincare blues. Dual fractional lasers like Halo by Sciton resurface the exterior and deeply remodel collagen leaving your skin bright, smooth, and void of sun damage. Reduction of fine lines and textural issues/scarring on the skin are greatly improved. 

Now is a good time to get the treatments you want. You can recover while working from home and the mask is a fabulous way to hide any temporary inflammation from these aesthetic treatments.


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