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Founder & Owner Jennifer Williams

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Battling Clutter

St. Louis Closet Co. Teams Change Lives Through Home Organization

“I love what I do every single day; it makes such a difference in people’s lives.”

Jennifer Q. Williams founded Saint Louis Closet Co. as the first locally-owned, floor-based closet company in St. Louis. She did so during 1991, during her first semester of graduate school. She says she made a decision to “do what she loved: change people’s lives through home organization.”

With a bachelor's degree in communications and public relations from Saint Louis University, dedication and a load of tenacity, Jennifer says she approached the Small Business Administration 33 years ago for a crash course on starting a business and soon after, a start-up loan.

Today, Jennifer says Saint Louis Closet Co. is not just about where one hangs clothes. “It’s a custom closet and home organization company that brings solutions to peoples’ homes and their lives,” she says. “It’s not just closets. It’s pantries, laundry rooms, mud rooms, garages, home offices, craft centers, Murphy Beds, wardrobe closets and entertainment centers. It’s total home organization. People are looking for organization everywhere in their lives. We all have too much stuff. Organization saves time and reduces stress. And it allows your belongings to stay in better condition. For example, your shoes are not all scuffed up, because they’re thrown at the bottom of your closet.”

Jennifer says Saint Louis Closet Co. helps its clients “battle the clutter” and “transform their closets and spaces from disorganized disasters into havens of blissful organization.”

The secret? Custom closet and home organizational systems produced at the company’s own on-site manufacturing closet facility. “We are one of the only companies in the Midwest that can make this claim,” Jennifer says. “Even more importantly, our 30,000-square-foot showroom and manufacturing facility are all housed in our refurbished, fully green building. Your custom closets are manufactured in-house totally custom to your home and your needs.”

Jennifer says custom closets can “work magic in turning cluttered chaos into organized bliss” by:

1.    Maximizing every inch of closet space, making use of vertical space with shelving, hanging rods and drawers, and ensuring that no area goes to waste.

2.    Creating a sense of order by designating spaces for every item in a wardrobe, from shoes to ties, including shelves, cubbies and drawers that can be customized to fit specific needs.

3.    Providing easy accessibility through pull-out shelves, sliding tie and belt racks and other features that help users reach those hidden items in the back of closets, bringing belongings within easy reach.

4.    Enhancing aesthetics through a variety of finishes, materials and designs to match styles and complement a home’s decor.

So, whether someone has a walk-in closet that resembles a small boutique or a compact reach-in closet, Saint Louis Closet Co. offers a range of custom closet systems that can transform a cluttered closet into a well-organized and stress-free room in a home. Jennifer says Saint Louis Closet Co. provides free in-home consultations with experienced designers who work with clients to create a custom system, from initial design ideas to installation, that maximizes space and suits various lifestyles.


Giving Back To The Community

Jennifer Q. Williams' hometown connections make a difference in St. Louis, especially when it comes to her concern for her community and charitable spirit. Jennifer and St. Louis Closet Co. have installed closets at The Magic House, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Forsyth School, Our Little Haven and Friends of Wings. They also have supported Stray Rescue, Toys for Tots, Children’s Hospital, Fontbonne University, Forsyth School, John Burroughs School, The Kirkwood Public Library, Girls on the Run, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Leukemia Foundation.

  • Founder & Owner Jennifer Williams