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Mindless Snacking at Home


Article by Johna Mailolli

Photography by Johna Mailolli

If you feel your snacking has gotten out of hand while working or spending more time at home during this pandemic, you're not alone, my friend! Mindless eating, or eating for other reasons besides hunger, has become quite the challenge for many folks over the past few months. Stress, anxiety, boredom and even just being surrounded by food can trigger mindless eating and lead to unhealthy eating habits and extra pounds.

Here are some Wellwithjah tips to help ya gain back control of those mindless snack attacks:

  1. Make yourself aware and remind yourself daily that the only time you should be snacking is when you're hungry in between your meals. Find a way to keep yourself busy, if you're not working, such as walking the dog or cleaning the house.
  2. Keep a distance from the kitchen, pantry, etc. if you find yourself tempted simply by the sight of food. (Note: Do not do as I am in the photo above) Can you possibly relocate your workstation to the farthest room from the kitchen or perhaps even outside?
  3. Plan your snack(s) out before your day starts so you know exactly what you'll eat when you get a snack craving. This will help you with making balanced snack choices and will decrease the chances of you mindlessly snacking in the kitchen.

These are unique and challenging times for us all, and there is no reason to feel guilty about if you have been struggling with your eating habits or have gained excess weight. Small steps, such as the tips listed above, can help with getting you back on track to healthy and mindful eating habits.

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