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Welcome to Lupa Apothecary, a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Bernardsville, NJ, where holistic care takes center stage. Meet Gina Barbara, the passionate and visionary owner of this thoughtfully curated store, dedicated to providing products that improve the mind, body, and soul.

A Vision Brought to Life

Lupa Apothecary is more than just a store; it's Gina's dream turned reality. With a deep love for all things magical and a profound belief in the power of holistic healing, she embarked on a journey to create a space that embraced the essence of her beliefs and offered a haven for the community. "I wanted to bring what I love to people and create a peaceful, healing space that was beautiful and welcoming for the community," Gina shares.

A Unique Approach to Holistic Care

At Lupa Apothecary, you'll find carefully curated products, each chosen with a purpose. Gina's selection criteria are stringent, as she ensures that everything in the shop aligns with her mission of merging ancient and modern methods of self-care and healing. The brands she offers have a positive message, are women-owned, and share the common thread of being a little bit witchy, all while promoting positive energy and wellbeing.

A Day in Gina's Life

Gina's dedication to her business shines through her daily routine. Each morning starts with a list of tasks that need attention, encompassing everything from event planning and merchandise management to financial organization and customer engagement through social media and emails. However, amidst the bustling activity, Gina never forgets to prioritize her well-being. She firmly believes that taking care of herself is paramount to effectively caring for her business and family.

Dreams of Growth and Expansion

The future holds exciting prospects for Lupa Apothecary. Gina envisions expanding her services, hosting more events, and even creating her own line of products. Her ultimate goal is to continue providing the community with the best self-care services and a nurturing space that resonates with her patrons.

A Personal Touch

For Gina, every detail matters, and that's evident in the warm and inviting ambiance of Lupa Apothecary. Nothing in the store is accidental; each item is carefully placed with love and intention. From rearranging shelves to meticulously merchandising, Gina's passion and genuine intention to create a transformative experience for her customers permeate every corner of the shop.

The Joy of Making a Difference

Gina's biggest reward is the impact her shop has on her customers. Hearing words of appreciation and witnessing how her products and space positively affect visitors fills her heart with joy and pride. "Nothing makes me happier than when people come into my shop and say how good they feel when they walk through the doors," Gina humbly admits.

Lessons of Resilience and Growth

Running a business comes with its share of challenges and lessons. For Gina, confidence and mindset adjustments have been key to overcoming hurdles. She's learned to seek support when needed and cherish the precious moments with her family. Through the ups and downs, Gina has emerged stronger, continually striving to improve the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship.

A Commitment to Customer Experience

Above all, Gina's unwavering commitment lies in providing her customers with an exceptional experience. Lupa Apothecary is not just a store; it's an extension of Gina's heart and soul. She prides herself on creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, relaxed, and inspired. For Gina, the joy of getting to know her customers and helping them find the perfect item for their needs is incomparable.

Life Beyond Lupa

Outside of the store, Gina cherishes her role as a devoted mom to her daughter, Alba, and enjoys family time with her husband, Mike, and their adorable dog, Bruno. Balancing work and family life is a constant endeavor, but Gina's determination to show her daughter the possibilities of pursuing dreams and trying new things keeps her inspired.

Lupa Apothecary stands as a testament to Gina's passion, dedication, and belief in the power of holistic care. With a heart full of love and a commitment to uplifting her community, Gina Barbara has truly created a haven of magic and well-being at Lupa Apothecary in Bernardsville, NJ.

Fore more information visit: lupaapothecary.com/

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