Why Is an AC Float Switch Important?


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Anyone who lives in Argyle, Texas, will tell you that even the best air conditioners are put to the test during the heat of the summer. On a really humid day, your AC repair guy might even notice the drain pan on your AC unit filling with water. If this is the case, and there’s even a small chance of overflow, you could be putting your system and home in danger if you don’t have an AC float switch installed.


Technically, an AC float switch — also called a safety switch or ceiling saver — should be installed on every air conditioner. At least, that’s what we believe. If you don’t have one or aren’t sure if yours is working properly, give our team at A&A Air a call today!


What Is an AC Float Switch?


Your air conditioner’s job is to cool the indoor air by removing heat and humidity when it is on. When warm air blows over your AC unit’s indoor evaporator coils, condensation forms. As a result, the system can sometimes generate excess condensation that must now be collected by the drain pan in your attic and safely drained away through the corresponding drain line.


The problem comes in when the drain line is clogged over time by dirt, mold, debris, and other airborne particles, or the system isn’t quite working correctly. As a result, the water that’s been collecting in your drain pan backs up and overflows the pan because it has nowhere to go. This is a silent process that many homeowners don’t realize is happening.


This is where an AC float switch would be extremely valuable. An AC float switch or safety switch is typically installed inside your unit’s drain pan and is designed to prevent the pan from overflowing.


If a leak or clogged line is detected, it will immediately shut the system off when the water in the pan exceeds a certain point. Why? If your AC unit drain line is clogged and the drip pan in the attic is overflowing, you’ll start to see water leaking from your ceiling. If left unresolved, this can lead to a damaged ceiling and pricey repairs for what would otherwise be a simple fix.


There are a number of obvious benefits to having an AC float switch, including the following:


•    Prevent water and mold damage to ceilings (hence, ceiling saver)

•    Avoid more costly AC repairs

•    Maintaining system efficiency

•    Long-term cost-savings.


We include an AC float switch with every system we install and hard start caps to the compressor to help kickstart the system. The bottom line is that A&A Air never takes shortcuts. In our book, there is only one right way to do things.


Your HVAC contractor should also change out your air filters. Clogged air filters force the unit to work harder and can lead to issues with clogged drain lines. Most air filter manufacturers like General Electric, Filtrete, HEPA, and Honeywell and HVAC companies recommend changing your air filter every three months. But that depends on the size and quality of your air filter.


Click here to see what’s included in A&A Air’s Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter preventative maintenance checklists.


Call A&A Air Today!


It can be frustrating when a clogged drain line you never knew existed causes water to drip from the ceiling. But preventative maintenance from a trusted HVAC repair technician can avoid many of these dangerous and costly situations. This includes installing an AC float switch. At A&A Air, we take your family’s comfort seriously.


We know our job inside and out and respond promptly. All you need to do is give us a call today!


We proudly serve Argyle, TX, and surrounding areas. You can email us at customercare@AAair.net or call 972-951-1320.

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