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The Perfect Date Night in Kansas City


Article by Molly Buchanan

Photography by Molly Buchanan

While the Questions feature in your Instagram Stories is typically a fun option to help you plan some one-on-one time with BAE, sometimes you can't quite narrow down the suggestions that come sliding into your DMs.

Enter the Progressive Date Night.

The Progressive Date Night is the perfect way to try multiple spots in one night without spending too much extra time or money.

The formula is simple:

Stop 1: Cocktails and/or an appetizer

Stop 2: Dinner

Stop 3: Dessert and/or a Nightcap

And there's no better spot than Kansas City to execute this game plan!

For example, Country Club Plaza:

Start at Gram & Dun for cocktails and an appetizer. Score a seat at the bar, so you don't have to worry about a reservation or hogging a table on a busy night. Try the Ginger Rogers and the Pimento Cheese. Next, head for dinner at Parker at the Fontaine for delicious eats and breathtaking views of the Plaza. (And their complementary cornbread...Yum!). Share a Sprouted Grain Salad, don't miss the Pan Seared Scallops, and do not leave without a side of their Brussels. Your final stop is to Andre's for dessert and after dinner drinks. Narrowing it down is a battle, but the Chocolate Budino is something stolen from dreams.

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So there you have it, three different restaurants in one night for the same timing and cost as if you would have done all of those courses in one place. The Plaza is a perfect spot for a progressive date, because everything is within a few walkable blocks. But this is only one example!

Other Options:

The Streetcar Route. Drinks and apps at Tom's Town, ride the streetcar to Farmhouse for dinner, ride the streetcar back to Tannin for drinks and the best chocolate chip cookie dessert in the city.

Looking for options in JOCO? Head over to Town Center Crossing and start your night with drinks and tapas at La Bodega, followed by dinner at Sullivan's, and last, but not least, Italian Butter Cake at North.

Or you can pick a theme. Be instantly transported to NYC with a New York-themed day date. Breakfast at Meshuggah, a lunch slice at Johnny Jo's, Manhattans at SoT, dinner at Cupini's, and cannolis at Anthony's.

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Westport, Crossroads, Zona many options! The Progressive Date Night also works great for a Girls Night, but let's focus on a little romance first.

And now that you have the formula, try it out for your next date night!