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Our Guide to Dentists in Tulsa


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Tulsa is a dense suburban city in Oklahoma with many bars, restaurants, and parks. It is a great city for families, and a large number of young executives have converged there. 

The dentists have flocked there as well, with a whopping 364 specialists practicing in the friendly city. From Pediatric and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants, there are many dentists to choose from all over the city. 

The average rating for dentists in Tulsa is 4.4 stars, and that's not an easy feat to attain. However, the residents hold the dental practitioners to the highest standards, and they, in turn, have obliged.

Being a family-oriented city, pediatric and family dentistry is very important in that neck of the woods. Here's a guide to Tulsa, OK, dentists. 

Parents Stop Your Search Here: Pediatric Dentists

There are quite a few pediatric dentists, and almost all of them have very high ratings. That's very exceptional for any city.

For every exit off a major roadway, there's a pediatric dentist or two, so patients won't have to worry about where to find them.

Dentistry for children is the number one choice for parents because their children love the welcoming atmosphere and beautifully decorated dentist office.

One of the most well-known dentists, Dr. Jenni Burkitt, specializes in kid's dentistry and makes the children feel relaxed during their procedures.

Cosmetic Dentists in the Area

It's not easy to get high ratings as a cosmetic dentist, but Scott W Wagner, DDS in Tulsa, has brightened smiles with veneers, lumineers, Invisalign, bridges, crowns, and more to hundreds of grateful patients.

Three hundred twelve of the dentists practice cosmetic dentistry. Half that number specializes in the craft. The great news is they all have the right to excellent ratings. 

A dental implant is the closest that a false tooth can appear as natural as a real tooth, and Dr. Ben Gerkin, DDS, is the master of this form of dentistry.

There are a few top-rated cosmetic dentists off Creek Turnpike and Highway 64 and a few in the vicinity of LaFortune Park.

For Emergencies: Your 24-Hour Dentists

The more than 400,000 Tulsa residents have two 24-hour dentists to depend on in the event of an emergency. One is on the west end of E 21st St and the other, a kid's dentistry, is on the east end of E 21st St. 

There are over 100 walk-in dentists all over the city in the event of a daytime emergency.

Going All Natural: Holistic Dentists in Tulsa

Biological dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, is a mercury-free approach to practice that focuses on the body as a whole. 

One hundred dentists take the holistic approach to dentistry, with an average rating above 4 stars. Only three biological dentists in Tulsa are rated less than four stars.

The holistic dentists view the mouth as an integrated portion of the body and consider oral health issues associated with total body health. The mouth does not prevail in a vacuum. Getting a cavity is abnormal.

Finally, if you've chosen to relocate to Tulsa, it will be great news for your family that healthcare is a priority in this city. Family as a whole is a significant focus from entertainment to dining and health.