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Acosta’s Customers Are the Coolest

How to Maintain and Keep Your A/C Units Running Efficiently in The Summer

Acosta Heating & Cooling is the leading HVAC service provider for homeowners and businesses across the Charlotte metro area. Since 1972, Acosta has earned a stellar reputation as an expert in air comfort and quality.

Acosta is the premier source for all your air conditioning needs from choosing and buying a new, reliable, high-efficiency air conditioner that will maximize your comfort level while minimizing your energy bills to performing regular maintenance to preserve the life of your system. Acosta offers a full range of services including air conditioning installation, repairs and replacement.

Acosta’s Commitment to Customer Service

Acosta understands that ensuring your family’s comfort at all times is of the utmost importance to you. Acosta is there for you, available to service your furnace and/or air conditioner 365 days a year — day and night. Acosta’s team of highly trained service professionals is on call 24-hours a day. This means Acosta is there for you when you need emergency repairs, all day, every day!

All Acosta installation technicians are trained professionals who take pride in their workmanship. All installation technicians have cleared extensive pre-employment criminal background checks and participate in random drug testing.

You can rest assured that during service calls, all Acosta installation technicians will act with the utmost professionalism, wearing booties (floor savers) and cleaning up after each installation or repair is complete.

Acosta believes customers have a right to expect and receive 100% of the heating and air conditioning value in which they have invested. Therefore, Acosta offers a “No Lemon” guarantee. Simply adhere to your Scheduled Maintenance Agreement continuously, and if the compressor in your air conditioner fails in the first year, Acosta will install a new outside unit. If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails twice in the first ten years, they will install a new furnace.

Join Acosta’s Comfort Club Today and Enjoy Numerous Benefits!

Acosta’s continued commitment to customer service of the highest caliber inspired them to create the Comfort Club — Charlotte’s Premier Heating & Cooling Protection Plan. Members are able to save money and have increased peace of mind knowing that their cooling and heating needs will be taken care of promptly by the trained professionals at Acosta.  

Comfort Club members are offered convenient monthly payment plans that make it easy to properly maintain your HVAC system at an affordable rate. Regular system upkeep equals savings for customers in the short and long term: Club members can benefit from increased energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills. It has been proven that HVAC systems last longer when they are properly cared for with scheduled maintenance.

Comfort Club members receive regular preventative care service performed by NATE Certified technicians who check and adjust the following:

· Air temperature across indoor/outdoor coils

· Suction line temperature

· Voltage and amperage

· Blower bearings and wheel

· Combustion air

· Flue

· Fan blades

· Refrigerant charge

· Flame baffle

· Unusual noise or vibration

· Start and run relays

· Safety controls

· Thermostat

· Burners

· Manifold pressure clean

· Combustion chamber

· Condenser coil with chemical

· Flush drain line inspection

· Starting control contacts

· Valves and operating pressure

· Evaporator coil

· Visually inspect ductwork

· Electrical connections

· Fan limit switch

· Expansion valve

· Gas input

· Thermocouple

Comfort Club members also receive priority scheduling, which means you get fast, front-of-the-line service so your cooling and heating needs are always addressed quickly and professionally. Comfort Club members are also eligible for exclusive discounts. As a club member, you will never pay overtime rates for nights or weekends and you enjoy a 15% discount on all service work.

Make Your Home Your Refuge: Contact Acosta Heating & Cooling Today!

During the summer months, temperatures and humidity levels soar in the Carolinas, making proper air conditioning essential. Call 704.859.8747 or visit to schedule a service appointment or join Acosta’s Comfort Club and start saving today!