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Tattered Cover Book Store Expands into Colorado Springs

Ahhhh, books! One of the great joys in life.

We read them for knowledge, for escape, for inspiration. We read because it brings us joy, gives us permission to cry and expands our world. We read because we can.

Where do you buy your books? When was the last time you wandered into a bookstore? How about an independent bookstore? You now have another choice in Colorado Springs.

Tattered Cover Book Store

Tattered Cover is one of the original independent bookstores, dating back 51 years in the Denver area. It now has eight locations, including the recently opened Colorado Springs location.

“The energy in Colorado Springs is just contagious,” said Kwame Spearman, co-owner and CEO. “Tattered cover has a history of going into up-and-coming and thriving locations.”

Tattered Cover landed a primo spot at 112 N. Tejon, next to Savory Spice and across the street from Cacao Chemistry. And this new location? It is lovely. Knotty wood shelves without backs allow the original brick to peek between books. Staff and others’ handwritten recommendations hang on brightly colored rectangles below works they loved. A quaint patio out back beckons for coffee with a friend.

Grab an armful of books to peruse and head upstairs—an entire level dedicated to lounging, reading, chatting, working or daydreaming. It’s cozy here. Eclectically outfitted with turquoise carpet and every vintage of furniture from charming antiques to simple, modern pieces. 

The whole shop feels like part bookstore, part library. A familiar-feeling nook to slow life’s busy pace for a moment. 

“We’ve got chairs and couches and tables just about everywhere,” Spearman said. “Take three books off the shelves, put two books back. … I think we are coming out of a period in which we were extremely isolated. There’s nothing more experiential than walking into an independent bookstore.”

New, Used + Signed First Edition Books

Tattered Cover has all the latest, greatest books. It also has a robust used book section.

“Let’s be honest, a $30 hardcover book is, in many ways, a luxury purchase,” Spearman said, adding that Tattered Cover wants to offer books at every price point. “We really want every member of the community to feel welcome at our store.”

For those looking to save a few bucks, check out the space under the stairway for pre-owned novels, biographies, self-help books, kid's books, young adult titles, fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between.

And if you’re looking to revamp your current library, you can sell your used books to Tattered Cover for store credit. Sell books to buy more books—a solid plan for keeping your brain and wallet happy.

Perhaps even use the extra money to join the Signed First Edition Club. Members receive one signed, first edition, newly published work of fiction per month. You can enroll (or gift someone) with a three-, six-, or 12-book subscription.

Best Cellars Café & Bar

Have a little time to linger? Grab a coffee. Or tea. Or craft beer. Or hand-selected wine. A limited food menu is coming soon, too.

“What we’re trying to do across all of our stores is really increase the experience,” Spearman said.

So next time you’re downtown, stop by. Grab a beverage, read some words and support a local business. Afterall... "Better to take a book and not have time to read, than have time to read and have no book." - Ancient bookworm proverb

Website: tatteredcover.com/
Instagram: @tatteredcoverbookstore
Facebook: @tattered.cover

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