Beautiful, Whimsical, Thought-provoking

How Familiar Are You With Our Outdoor Murals and Sculptures?

Beautiful, whimsical and thought-provoking art can be found throughout Cleveland County, and it doesn't cost a cent to see much of it.

Two of the highest concentrations of outside art can be found in downtown Norman and the University of Oklahoma Norman campus, but you'll also find murals and sculptures throughout the metro. You've probably come across at least some of them.

Next time you're looking for something to do, on your own, with a friend/s or with the family, why don't you take a drive and see what you can find? If you're into photography, this will be an especially fun activity.

Following we've listed a selection of murals and sculptures you'll find in the area. Keep your eyes open; you're sure to find much more! 

Murals (all in Norman):

Tattoo Woman, produced by Dreamer Concepts and Hall of Tattoos, east end of Main Street along Porter Avenue

Three Days by Rick Sinnett, who has painted murals across Route 66 and Oklahoma, next to STASH on Main Street, across from the fire station

Sinnett also created Norman Red-tail Hawk, north side of Main Street; also viewable from Gray

Welcome to Downtown Norman (pictured), was commissioned by Dr. Gabriel Bird, DDS, for his office building at 227 W. Main St. It's the work of Clean Hands Army co-founder Justin Baney, along with partners Aaron Whisner and Case Morton.

The Heart of Norman Murals by Dr. Bob Painter, parking lot along East Gray Street between N. Peters and N. Crawford avenues

Designed by various artists, the Bike Racks in Norman's Arts District, which extends from University Boulevard to Porter Avenue, depict a dreamcatcher, scissortail flycatcher, fork and spoon, coffee cup, buffalo, thundercloud and bicycle. And yes, you can secure your bike to them!

Skip Hill was commissioned to do the mural (untitled) depicting a man and a woman carrying supplies up a hill to a home for Habitat for Humanity's ReStore on Main Street near Berry Road.

Sanctuary, by Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studio in Providence, Rhode Island, is a steel-and-concrete pyramid structure with a rainbow at the heart recently constructed in front of the Norman Regional Moore Medical Center. The structure features hundreds of rods and 2,000 Swarovski crystals to scatter light. The design also incorporates the Norman Regional Health System logo, which symbolizes the links between physicians, staff, patients and community as the sculpture’s foundation.


The Crucible Foundry Gallery and Sculpture Garden (on Facebook),  110 E. Tonhawa, featuring bronze sculptures by artists from around the country

In The Wind by Rick and Trace Bewley, a metal work representing both a red-tailed hawk and the wheat blowing in the wind, corner of Main and Porter

A 10-foot-tall, commemorative bronze statue depicting legendary TV and film star, James Garner, in cowboy attire, corner of West Main Street and S. Jones Avenue at the railroad tracks

The Seed Sower, an emblem of OU’s first university president, David Ross Boyd, viewable from Lindsey Street at the entrance to the South Oval, OU Norman campus

Sphinx, created by Colombian artist Fernando Botero and donated to OU by the late Jerome M. Westheimer Sr. of Ardmore, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art lawn, corner of Elm Avenue and Boyd Street

 Allan Houser's May We Have Peace, depicting a Native American male with arms extended upward and a peace pipe clasped in his hands as though in prayer, viewable from Boyd Street, entrance to the North Oval

Heroic-size bronze statues honoring each Heisman Trophy winner from OU, Heisman Park, located on the east side of the Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Visitors to the Westwood Family Aquatic Center are greeted by the brilliantly painted steel and aluminum representation of a ball splashing into water by Splash! by sculptor Mark Aeling.

Unbound, a 45-foot sculpture made of aluminum rolled to depict sheets of paper lifted by the wind located at the front of the Norman Public Library Central, is the work of London-based artist Cocksedge. 

Sanctuary, a steel and concrete pyramidal structure with a rainbow at its heart, by Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studio in Providence, Rhode Island, in front of the Norman Regional Moore Medical Center, 700 S. Telephone Road, Moore. Using a truss compression design that he originated to connect hundreds of rods and 2,000 Swarovski crystals to scatter light inside a large, open pyramid structure, the artists also incorporated the health system's logo, which symbolizes the links between physicians, staff, patients and community as the sculpture’s foundation.

The Soldiers Memorial (pictured) in Veterans Memorial Park in Moore is the work of Oklahoma woodcarving artist Clayton Coss. The four soldiers represent the four major wars since the end of World War I. 

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