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New Porsche Macan SUV Crossover Inspires

Porsche, a two-syllable word synonymous with performance, luxury and class.

Today, drivers can add another word to that list: affordability.

Starting at $52K, the new Porsche Macan SUV crossover is priced squarely in the middle of the SUV category. Imagine… the splendor of a Porsche for the price of a Buick.


As I pulled into the Porsche of Colorado Springs dealership on Motor Drive, I was met by Justin Underwood, who holds down the fort at the Classics showroom.

After a brief introduction, he pulled the new Macan Turbo around. Drenched in a deep navy that appeared dangerously close to black under overcast skies, the Macan’s true color exploded as the sun peeked through.

As someone without extensive experience in driving high-performance cars, I was a smidge intimidated with my task: driving the Macan, then writing an article about it. After opening the door and sliding into the driver’s seat for a quick tutorial, however, I not only felt comfortable—I felt at home, as if I had been driving this vehicle for years. The seats and interior are inviting and designed with simplicity in mind. The control panel was highly visible, intuitive and made me feel like I belonged in this car—like it had been waiting for me.  

After Justin’s parting words, I drove off the lot and zipped home to grab my overnight bag. I opened the trunk to find a surprising amount of cargo space. Settling back into the driver’s seat, I headed up Highway 24 for a fun drive through the mountains to Buena Vista to meet two girlfriends who were driving in from Vail.

Before leaving the house, my husband said “It’s a Porsche, it has 464 horsepower and it wants to be driven and driven fast.”

No problem.


As I made my way through Old Colorado City and on to Highway 24, the Porsche Macan felt smooth. The steering and braking was confident and determined, and the seat hugged me the way my husband used to when we first met. It all just felt good, warm and, well, sexy…

Wait! Was I driving a Porsche or reading my favorite romance novel?

As I stepped on the gas pedal, my confidence accelerated. Was my husband, right? Did this Macan really want to be driven fast? Without speeding or breaking any laws, I tested the cornering through the canyon past Manitou Springs as I made my way to Woodland Park. The Macan is so grounded, solid and smooth on the road that remarkably few of the rough road patches and potholes translated into the cabin.

I cranked up Fleetwood Mac on the 12-speaker sound system and felt transported to another place. A place where I was in total control on the road. A place of confidence and comfort I have never experienced while driving.


Over Wilkerson Pass and across South Park, I glided effortlessly through the mountains as if I were driving 30 miles per hour on a neighborhood street. Glancing down, I realized I was traveling at a clip a bit faster than that.

The ride is incredibly smooth, the interior luxurious, the performance untouchable. The Porsche Macan is the car all of us should be driving. Although the exterior of the vehicle offers a compact appearance, the cabin and trunk space are the same as an Audi Q5. Plenty of room for gear or luggage and easy to show up in style.

Facebook + Instagram: @PorscheColorado