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Beauty From the Inside Out

The nurse practitioners of Glowlight Med Spa, Katie Swerland and Gloria Chang, share their holistic wellness approach.

What led you to GlowLight Med Spa?

Katie: Over the last decade my career focus was Cardiology and treating chronic heart conditions where I developed a deep understanding of treating illnesses, but I found my true passion was helping people prevent illnesses before they start. This passion led me to transition from hospital-based medicine to the wellness and aesthetics industry. I wanted to focus on holistic health by promoting wellness from the inside out.

Gloria: After over a decade in healthcare, spanning various specialties including acute care, community health, and plastic surgery, I found myself drawn to aesthetic medicine. Growing up, my passion for drawing lifelike portraits of faces fueled my creativity, and this field of work allows me to merge my artistic talents with my medical training.

What trends do you see in the Med Spa industry?

Gloria: Harnessing our body’s natural abilities to replenish and repair our own tissues to restore beauty. At Glowlight Med Spa, we do this by integrating biostimulators directly into the skin which helps stimulate and promote collagen production and improve skin texture. We also offer a unique approach to filler by using your own blood to create a natural filler. These modalities are great for anyone seeking to leverage their own body’s biological mechanisms.

Katie: Longevity, overall wellness, and an emphasis on feeling vibrant and healthy from within. Glowlight Med Spa’s longevity-focused offerings include IV therapy services, which deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring optimal absorption and immediate benefits.

Tell us about the weight management services you offer.

Katie: We offer cutting-edge treatments such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections, an oral option for clients who prefer a needleless approach and specialized IV therapies to boost weight loss. Each treatment plan is customized to fit each client’s health history and weight loss goals.

Gloria: Weight management and aesthetics frequently overlap, especially after significant weight loss, which can lead to volume loss in the face, resulting in a gaunt or aged appearance. Aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, biostimulators, and neuromodulator injections are invaluable and complement the patient’s weight loss journey beautifully.

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