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When introducing glass as an element in interior design, Bradford Glass Company, located on Greater Mack, is sought out for its modern and elegant effects. Paul Bradford worked in the glass business beside his grandfather since he was a child of 12. After 25 years of experience, he established his own business in Grosse Pointe, where he lives with his wife, Angela. In addition to auto windshield restoration, window replacement, shower enclosures, and services for residences, business, and commercial concerns, he explores unique decorating concepts in glass.

Paul and his partner, John Woods, are brilliant at transforming glass into residential décor. For example, why hide your fine wine collection in a traditional basement cellar when you can view it while you dine or discuss it with guests while relaxing in your living room? Wine cellars made from glass are popping up in many upscale residences around the country, and Paul and John have a flair for meeting the homeowners’ interests and needs.

Glass can replace a plain opaque wall with interest and transparency. Imagine a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar serving as a glass divider between your living room and the entry hall (pictured). While the wine cellar distinguishes both spaces, it expands the entire area with a sparkling clarity that reflects light. The room is not only brighter, but it also looks more spacious and open.

If you want convenience and easy access to your wine, cellars can be situated in remarkably unexpected places on the main floor, such as under the stairway. The Bradford design (pictured) makes it convenient for the homeowner to access the wine through the side door as easily as opening a kitchen pantry --no more descending to the depths of a remote basement abyss to access a wine for the family dinner.

For wine connoisseurs who collect resaleable wine, the cooling and humidity system to preserve the wine is of great concern. One example from a California glass wine cellar (pictured) has a built-in cooling system concealed in the soffit of the room divider. The wine cellar contains 900 wine bottles plus room for magnums. The feature is the first thing guests see when they walk in the front door. Placement is adjacent to the dining room and separates the area from the rest of the house.

When it comes to investment wine, it’s comforting to know that glass cellars can be locked with either a key lock, keypad, or fingerprint. That prevents the “good” wine from disappearing and inquisitive minds from exploring.

Some striking examples of glass wine cellars use interior backlighting with LEDs to make a dramatic statement (pictured). The entire wall rack is suspended above the floor of black stones and displays various colored LEDs running to ceiling.

Paul and John of Bradford Glass are “Your glass guys for life,” and they offer 100% customer satisfaction. And, as you can see, they do residential décor that many other glass companies won’t attempt. Much of their decorative work uses frameless glass with u-channels, pivot door capability, floor to ceiling gaskets, and ladder handles instead of the traditional “C” style handles used on shower doors.

As we’ve all seen, there is glass, and there is statement glass. Besides the colors, textures, and tints of glass used in kitchen shelves and cabinets, Bradford can employ Starfire glass, a product that results in crystal-clear glass for a sophisticated design effect. Starfire glass also eliminates the green edge typically found in glass installations. Bradford often uses Starfire glass mounted with black channel bronze, brushed chrome nickel, and matt black for built-in shelves, kitchen shelves, and glass cabinet fronts. Backlighting a Starfire glass installation produces a pure, seamless look.

Glass which is used inside a house instead of a wall, as a distinctive divider, or even as a contemporary wine cellar becomes a lens to focus on aspects of the home you never saw before. Imagine the extraordinary experience of relaxing next to your wine cellar in your living room or entertaining guests in that setting.

Paul Bradford Glass Company is located at 22209 Greater Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe, 586-200-2373, www.bradfordglasscompany.com

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