Because There Are So Many Reasons to Give Thanks

These local nonprofits give everything to help others—here, they give thanks for the year’s marvels, moments and accomplishments.

Martha L. Hadley
President, Board of Directors for Loveland Legacy Foundation
“I’m incredibly grateful for the charitable business owners, philanthropic citizens and caring volunteers who serve this community through LLF. Working alongside other like-minded organizations, they leave a ‘Legacy of Love’ every day—caring for their neighbors, making Loveland a great place to work and live.”

Evangeline DeVol
Executive Director of NEST Community Learning Center
 “Our ‘NO’ folks! More low-income kids than ever struggle with academics, food insecurity, social/emotional stress and hopelessness. Those who volunteer, work and donate to NEST have collectively yelled ‘NO! We won’t let NEST kids down! We’ll work harder for them—they can count on us.’”

Christine Neitzke
Founder and Executive Director of The Dragonfly Foundation
“2023 was an incredible year—we welcomed new staff members and celebrated Cincinnati Children’s Hospital being named #1 in the nation for pediatric oncology. We broke ground on our Carriage House, and exceeded our expectations—serving 7K+ patients, families and caregivers.” 

Dana Saxton
Executive Director for New Life Furniture Bank
“This year was a time of healing for us all, and I’ve been blessed to travel to beautiful destinations with friends and family. I’m thankful for the sandy beaches I walked, trails I hiked, views from mountaintops and forest floors, people I met along the way—memories that will stay with me forever.”

Linda Bergholz
Executive Director of LIFE Food Pantry
“I’m so grateful for the support of the Loveland community as we served the largest number of clients in our history. We called for ‘LIFESupporters’ and were met with unimaginable donations—canned goods, toys, gift cards, digital donations, checks, cash … the blessings flowed in.”

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