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Bedding + Towels for Healthy Hair


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

There are tons of amazing hair care products out there from leave-in Moroccan oil to protein masks. But it's easy to forget that our common household items also affect our hair and should be taken into consideration. If you are a product junkie like me and are in pursuit of pillowcases and hair towels that will help you instead of hurting you, these two roundups are all you need! Your best hair days are just a few sleeps and towel dries away.

19 Pillowcases That'll Transform Your Hair and Skin for the Better

"Waking up with perfect skin and hair sounds like a myth reserved for the realm of fairytales or rom-coms. In real life, we typically roll out of bed with weird grooves etched across our faces and hair that's suspiciously less shiny than it was the night before, which is a clear indication that it might be time to invest in one of the best silk pillowcases on the market."

—Lauren Swanson, Allure

Want Healthier Hair? Try These 10 Hair Towels

"When it comes to drying your hair, ditch your body towel and go for a material that’s not only softer, but better for your hair overall. When hair is wet, it’s extremely vulnerable so when you dry it with a terry cloth towel, this results in disaster. All of a sudden you’re roughing up the hair shaft, causing frizz and damage, and even encouraging split ends."

—Syden Abrenica, Byrdie

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