Beds for Kids

Celebrating a Decade of Delivering Dreams in Charlotte

The story of Beds for Kids, Charlotte’s furniture bank, begins in 2010, when a trio of individuals in Charlotte – Daniel Fogarty, Tim Rowley and Brandon Holmes – delivered a few furniture pieces to a family who had recently moved out of an area shelter and into a home. The group quickly realized this family was one of thousands who would make the transition into permanent housing without the critical furniture and beds needed to make a house a home – or the means to purchase that furniture. With this realization that many in the community were experiencing furniture poverty, the idea behind Beds for Kids was born.

The next year, Beds for Kids officially became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and for the last decade, their mission has been the same: to refurbish and repurpose new and gently used beds and essential furniture items donated from individuals, institutions and corporations in the Charlotte community, and deliver them to children and families in need. Since the organization’s official launch in 2011, they’ve directly impacted nearly 20,000 individuals, delivering over 15,000 beds and over 141,000 furniture pieces to those who need it most. To make sure they reach as many families as possible in the Charlotte community, Beds for Kids partners with nearly 40 referral agencies that connect them with client families. 

Under the tutelage of the organization’s new Executive Director Malcolm Graham, Beds for Kids is looking toward the future. The nonprofit’s milestone 10th anniversary coincides with a move into a new warehouse – one that doubles the organization’s capacity to accept furniture donations and help even more families in need. “We’ve heard first-hand from countless families that having these tangible items – items like beds, tables, chairs and desks that we might take for granted – fill them with hope and give them a sense of dignity,” Graham says. “Everyone deserves that dignity.” 

Beds for Kids depends on a small staff, a 13-person board of directors and hundreds of volunteers who help them do everything from office work and repairing and assembling furniture to loading trucks and going out on deliveries. “Our volunteers make it possible to do what we do in the community,” says Graham. “We couldn’t do what we do without their support – and more volunteers are always welcome.”

To learn more about Beds for Kids, including how to get involved as a volunteer or how to make a furniture or monetary donation, please visit BedsForKids.org.

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