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Mason resident and owner of Senour - Flaherty Insurance shares his beekeeping hobby for honey, pollination and education.

Lifelong Mason resident Nick Bogan began his insurance career in 2000, as an underwriter for Cincinnati Insurance. After transitioning to Bauer Insurance in downtown Mason for two years he eventually joined Senour - Flaherty in 2006. As of 2019, he is the owner and president of the company

“I lead an amazing team that sells and services home, auto, life and business insurance to clients primarily in Warren, Butler and Hamilton counties,” Nick explains. 

When he's not advising clients he’s often busy enjoying his beekeeping hobby.

Nick first got into beekeeping when visiting a friend from church in Montgomery, who had more than a dozen hives in his backyard. He became interested in the holistic properties of honey and the important role that pollinators play in crop production. 

“More than 1/3 of the food we eat is the result of honey bee pollination,” Nick shares. 

After showing interest, Nick’s friend agreed to mentor him in the ways of beekeeping. “My first official hive was a swarm of bees we caught together. Since then he’s taught me to catch my own swarms,” Nick tells us.   

Since the beginning, it hasn’t been without challenges, “It can be extremely frustrating when you lose a hive to disease or other causes,” Nick elaborates. 

Still a modest hobby, Nick’s honey production isn’t quite high enough to sell in bulk quantities. However, he has contributed honey to local businesses such as Narrow Path Brewing for use in their brewing process, as well as to Wildflower Café and Adesso Coffee. 

He also often has many different flavors of honey to taste, “The flavor and color of honey changes throughout the season as different plants bloom,” says Nick. 

Running Senour - Flaherty Insurance is certainly his main focus, and Nick explains that he never started beekeeping and harvesting honey to make money, but rather to use his experience to help educate the community. This includes visits to Mason City Schools where he teaches students about the important role of bees in the ecosystem. 

“It’s my goal to generate awareness and encourage others to start keeping bees,” says Nick. “Anyone can keep bees. It’s an easy hobby but it does take patience.”

A Noble Profession

“I truly believe that selling insurance is one of the noblest professions you can be in. I get to stand hip to hip with clients and friends through some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances they face. Showing up in their lives to provide real financial help, advice and security is very rewarding,” reflects Nick about his passion for his work. To find out more, reach out to: 

Senour - Flaherty Insurance

7451 S Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason 

513.398.6966 | Sales@Senour-Flaherty.com


“More than 1/3 of the food we eat is the result of honey bee pollination,” Nick shares. 

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