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Beer's Sweeter Cousin

Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse Caters to Diverse Palate

Colorado Springs has a reputation for craft beer. With more than 425 breweries in the state, we call at least two dozen of those our own.

Even with that kind of variety, beer isn’t for everyone.  

Matt Bonno and Katie Murray, high school sweethearts and owners of Monte Cervino Beverage Company, saw a need in the craft brew community. They decided to put their years of home-brewing to the test. 

The Sweeter Alternative

Boxing Brothers Cider was conceptualized when these two entrepreneurs moved to Colorado Springs and found a phenomenal beer scene. What they didn’t find, however, was cider. Cider for those who don’t like the taste of beer but might prefer something sweeter. Cider for those who have allergies to gluten and seek out cider as their libation of choice. Perhaps, cider for those looking to enhance their foodie experience or embrace a bit of nostalgia.  

Matt explains the different types of ciders and how he and Katie wanted to address a diverse palate while honoring ciders from around the world.  The goal was to create ciders to pair with meals in the way wine or beer are traditionally paired. 

Three Tiers of Ciders

Boxing Brothers Cider started out distributing to liquor stores, then after a few years, opened its tasting room. This setup allows them to have three tiers of ciders. Flagships are always on tap and ones you are likely to find in store, as well. Seasonals are fan favorites, but not necessarily offered year-round. Lastly, small-batch ciders can only be found in the cider house. 

Monte Cervino Beverage Company also has branched out and started small-batching wine as well as sourcing coffee beans to roast in the spirit of pushing the beverage envelope. 

Matt and Katie encourage locals to “Go to the weird spots, there is really good beer and cider here, and so much of it is local.”  

It’s easy to support your neighbors and ensure your dollars end up back in the community while getting adventurous with your beverage choices. 

Facebook: @BoxingBrothersCiderhouse
Instagram: @boxingbrotherscider