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We’re Talking Valances and Sheers With Nick Stock of Stocks Draperies

Article by Chris Watson

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Lounging in the shade is a basic fundamental of keeping cool when the dog days come trotting around again, be it in the shadow of a stately tree or in the shelter of your home. With shade on the brain, we spoke to Nick Stock, the owner of Stocks Draperies, a Canton establishment that specializes in custom-made draperies and shades for both residential and commercial applications. He told us about the history of the family business and how to get the most out of a window treatment this summer.

Stocks Draperies was founded by Nick’s parents, Don and Nikki Stock, in the early 1970s. Don had previously been employed as an ironworker until a tragic work accident deprived him of both an arm and a career. But the couple managed to turn an overwhelming hardship into an opportunity. Nikki used her sewing experience to craft beautiful draperies and Don became a self-made drapery salesman. It’s now about five decades later and Don is still selling, but Nick has taken the reins.

Nick initially entered the family business after graduating college in 1997, bringing with him an added focus on commercial work for such institutions like offices, schools and nursing homes. Despite having a modest staff of five to seven employees, the team successfully expanded its repertoire to cover large-scale projects for builders and contractors. For instance, Stocks Draperies handled the window treatments for Aultman Hospital’s 2010 expansion project. 

Nick points out, “There are a ton of small businesses in Canton that face the same challenge, big projects without a lot of people. But it’s not about the size of the company, it’s the quality of work that you do.”

Quality is exactly what Stocks Draperies delivers! To spruce up and cool down your home environment this summer, visit the store at 2725 Fulton Dr. NW in Canton and schedule a free consultation. You can also call 330.452.9008 or visit

Beat the Heat

Summer is sizzling and your central air may need a helping hand. The Department of Energy says putting the right covering on your windows can reduce the heat transferred into your home by as much as 45%! Nick says that the clear front-runner for this type of application is the Hunter Douglas DuetteⓇ honeycomb shade. 

Motor Home

The popularity of motorized blinds is surging, and for good reason. Not only do they eliminate past frustrations dealing with cords, but they can be hard-wired into a smart home system for natural climate control, automatic privacy when leaving the home, and more!

Made to Order

If purchasing a pre-made window covering from a big box store is like buying a baggy suit off the rack, then ordering a custom project from Stocks Draperies is like having the suit tailor-made for a perfect fit. You end up with the highest quality product, made bespoke from hand-selected fabric, measured and installed by experienced professionals for a superior and worry-free experience.

Keeping Up

Nick advises against washing your draperies, valances or shades. Washing or dry cleaning can both destroy the shape and crispness of the fabric, leaving them flat and lifeless. The best method is to use a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to gently remove any gathered dust each spring and fall. Window sheers, on the other hand, can be washed on the lightest cycle, spun in a dryer for only a few seconds to remove some water, and then hung back up on the rod to dry (over a towel on the floor) for a good as a new look!