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CATMAX Photography, right at home

Catrina Maxwell has been shooting for the features in our magazine since we launched six years ago. Her latest passion is working with interior designers to showcase their work. Her job allows her access to some of the most beautiful homes in our community. One such project was a new home in Berkley Lake, where she collaborated with Alpharetta interior designer Cristi Holcombe.

Capturing the vibe of a room takes a creative eye and skillful use of a professional camera. In addition to these core photographer talents, there is another key factor. “Since I started doing interiors, I have found that styling is a must!” Catrina explains, “You want a house to give the feel that is lived in, but in a pretty and streamlined way.”

Before embarking on a project, Catrina likes to hop on a call with new clients to ensure a good fit and to gather all the pertinent information, so she can plan her approach for the shoot. “I like to let clients know what to expect when booking a shoot,” says Catrina. “Then, we talk about the number of shots and which package is best for their needs. We also talk about styling. Some clients like to have my stylist help them with the shoot. This can definitely make things less stressful for the designer.”

Cristi Holcombe and her design team worked on the Berkley Lake home from the ground up. “It was a 5,500 square foot new build. We designed the finishes on the exterior as well as the interior and followed the design through with furnishing and styling design,” says Cristi.

“This project was so much fun to shoot,” says Catrina. “Cristi was great to work with. I am really happy with how all the images turned out.”

“This was our first time working with Catrina, but I've been a huge fan for quite a while,” says Cristi. “I was so excited to work with her on this project. She offered great suggestions for styling and framing each shot. We are already looking forward to our next shoot with her on another project." 

CatMax Photography


Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

2660 Holcomb Bridge Road, Ste 200


  • "Catrina really pays attention to the small details that other photographers might miss. I knew she could capture it exactly as we intended.” – Cristi Holcombe
  • “I love the shot looking into the dining room from the butler's pantry. I find this image to be different, interesting and I like the depth of the image."