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Behind-the-Scenes with one of Bellevue’s Oldest Brands

McCalls Carpet One helped build the foundation for Bellevue…literally. 

Ray McCall followed in his family footsteps – he’s a grandchild of D.T. McCall, founder of a home furnishing empire throughout Tennessee – when he decided to open a pair of businesses in Scottsville and Hartsville in the 1980s. Ray then married Kathy, and the pair made the move down south after welcoming their daughter, Ann Marie. 

“I was from Nashville, I went to school at Hillsboro,” Kathy shares. “When Ann Marie was born, I really just wanted to come home. Ray ended up looking for a place to move his business, and that was Bellevue.” 

The pair opened up McCalls, which sold carpet and paint at the time. Eventually, the brand was approached by Carpet One to join the co-op, and they took a leap of faith by becoming a flooring-only destination. 

As the business continued to flourish under the Carpet One umbrella, the McCall family would go on to welcome a new addition in both life and business: Tennessee native Carl Kahle married Ann Marie, and a year later, he joined the family business. 

“I started the learning process of the business in general, and the more I learned, the more I tried to help,” Carl shares, adding he helps with everything from sales, to managing schedules, overseeing insurance work, and more. 

“It didn’t hurt that Carl has his Masters of Business,” Kathy adds, thrilled the family business will continue into another generation. 

McCalls Carpet One is approaching its 40th year in business, not only serving as one of the longest-running family-owned brands in town, but also helping build a (literal) foundation in countless homes in the area. 

“Since we’ve been here for so long, we’ll still get repeat customers,” Carl adds. “One that sticks out was a little old lady we went to do a measure for. She still has a hand-written quote from McCalls Paint, Carpet and Wallpaper from the 90s.” 

Despite its impressive tenure, McCalls has continued to evolve and grow with the changing times, offering the latest and greatest in flooring. They house an impressive designer section, and produce custom area rugs, stair runners, and much more.  

“We do sell and install everything flooring related,” Carl shares. “Sanding and refinishing hardwoods, vinyl planks, and of course, carpet.” 

If you’re looking to tackle a flooring project, you can begin on the McCalls website to request a measure, look at samples online, and set up a consultation without even hopping on the phone. From there, the team is ready to help find the perfect solution. 

“Flooring is something that can be daunting and there are lots of options to choose from,” Carl shares. “We have a big enough selection that you can find something for every budget. Get the quote, and go from there.” 

Kathy adds that the team will never put pressure on a buyer. “What we offer here is just to know that we’ve been here a long time, we’ll get the job done, and we try to make the process as easy and as simple as we can.” 

McCalls Carpet One also has a Franklin location that, in addition to flooring, sells appliances, bedding, and other homewares. 

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