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Article by Chelsea Chambers

Photography by Pendleton, Heidi Bitsch, and Intuition

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle


For over a century, Pendleton Woolen Mills has stood as an emblem of enduring craftsmanship. Established in 1863, the brand has become a pioneer in wool blankets, apparel, and accessories, with iconic designs woven in their Oregon and Washington mills.

What truly sets Pendleton apart is the rich heritage that accompanies its products. As a family-owned business for six generations, Pendleton's commitment to quality and classic styling is deeply ingrained in its roots.

Beyond the merchandise, Pendleton's story is a testament to the spirit of American woolen mills, where creativity, artistry, and dedication converge to create something truly special. It's a journey of resilience, evolution, and timeless charm.

Visiting the Village at Meridian location offers a glimpse into the heart of this enduring legacy. Each piece reflects the essence of enduring craftsmanship, blending modern sensibilities with classic aesthetics. From the luxurious wool blankets that exude warmth to the meticulously tailored apparel and accessories, each product carries the brand's unwavering dedication to excellence.

Pendleton's motto, "Warranted to Be a Pendleton," is a promise of exceptional quality, reflecting the brand's unwavering pursuit of perfection. It is more than just a manufacturer; it is a story of tradition, passion, and artistry that has withstood the test of time.

SHIFT Boutique

SHIFT Boutique is a testament to the indomitable spirit of two sisters, Kelsey Miller and Megan Quintero, who turned their dreams into reality. Established in 2016, this Idaho-owned boutique resonates with women of all ages, offering unique style options at an approachable price point. Their recent expansion includes KEYSTONE, a men's boutique, extending their passion for style to a wider audience.

Nurturing their boutique with dedication, Kelsey and Megan curate brands that mirror their diverse customer base—empowering and bold. Celebrating life's moments, they dress clients for first dates, weddings, galas, and more.

"We have helped dress for first dates, interviews, weddings, promotions, galas, and so much more. SHIFT has provided a platform to help with the vibrancy of local retail but also contribute and engage with amazing nonprofits that support our community," shared co-owner Kelsey Miller.

Beyond fashion, SHIFT actively collaborates with remarkable nonprofits, supporting their local community.

Discover the heartwarming tale of SHIFT and its incredible owners, where passion for fashion meets giving back. Experience the magic behind the scenes as Kelsey and Megan continue to inspire with their unwavering spirit and commitment to making a positive impact, one stylish step at a time.


Another local, women-owned store in Eagle, Idaho is Intuition. Founded by Hally Jolna and Heidi Jorgensen, Intuition brings upscale clothing to the Treasure Valley, with brands like Bella Dahl, Citizens of Humanity, Frame, The Great, Iro, and American Vintage. Both Hally and Heidi are incredibly family and community oriented and believe it is of great importance to cultivate a strong connection to their community.

“We were both not really fashionistas, but appreciate great style, and knew it was a way to connect,” said Hally. “Our greatest success is in creating a place where women can come together and be made to feel special and meet others in the community. We truly love meeting and connecting with women in the area and helping them feel good about themselves!”

"We have so many other close ties with great brands that we are able to showcase in our store and are able to bring to our customers. We're excited about adding new and different brands every season." Intuition has everything from elevated casual to edgy to elegant and they have stylists available to work with clients on an individual level to assist in creating their personal best look. Everyone has their own unique expression and Intuition is the place to explore that.

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