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Bella Flora 30A

Local Florist Accentuates the Holidays

In this article, Kevin Sotomey of Bella Flora 30A shares some considerations for using florals and foliage to make holiday gatherings memorable. Fresh arrangements add evocative decor and scents to the complex of details that characterize a special occasion in treasured memories. When Kevin came to Florida, he knew that this beautiful destination was perfect for gatherings and celebrations. And, every special day deserves distinctive florals.

Kevin’s career as an electrical engineer took him to places as far away as Shanghai, China. From there, he and his wife prepared to return to the United States wanting to start a business. Although he had been raised in Ghana, West Africa, it was the unrivaled beauty of 30A that called to him and his wife. He didn’t know all the details, but he knew this - “It had to be Florida!”

The majestic retreat “Mont Blanc” in Seagrove, FL provides a dramatic setting for floral arrangements that Bella Flora 30A designers prepared for this spread. Mont Blanc is a 9,000 square foot masterpiece that “epitomizes 30A luxury living” and awaits a new resident to stand on its balconies that overlook perfect sunrises over the Emerald Coast.

Let’s find out how you can prepare for Bella Flora 30A to deliver amazing live decor to create a welcoming atmosphere this holiday season.

Placement and Product

The first consideration when ordering flowers is placement and product. Strategic placement of flowers ensures the greatest effect. The entrance and the dining table are two high impact areas.

For the entrance, consider a wreath, well-placed garland, or Christmas sconce swag. These elements greet guests with fresh evergreen smells characteristic of the holiday season.

For the dining table, Bella Flora 30A’s decorators can assemble garlands or floral arrangements to liven the dining table.

Occasion or Theme

Bella Flora 30As designers are familiar with most occasions or themes, but you can also share a few photos that inspire you. They can assemble custom decoration for holidays, meals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to your specifications. Or, you may prefer the “Designer’s Choice” option which leaves the details to your designer.


You should also think about the size of the arrangement. For florals, how high should they sit on your dining table? For garland, a specific length ensures proper coverage for your table or doorway. A few basic measurements may be helpful.

Allergies and Preferences

Finally, consider allergies and preferences. For example, common flower allergies include aster, baby’s breath, and chamomile. Discuss excluding flowers that have strong scents if you prefer or adding scents that contribute to the mood of your occasion. For example, you could ask for a few cinnamon sticks for the Christmas season.

With these few things in mind, you are ready to contact Bella Flora 30A for the perfect arrangement.

Before we go, here’s a short list of the services offered by Bella Flora 30A.


If you or your business needs flowers year-round, you can opt for a subscription service. Subscriptions are a great way to decorate effortlessly. Bella Flora 30A regularly delivers weekly to vacation rentals, homes, churches, venues, hotels, spas, restaurants, and loved ones!

Floral arrangements for special occasions

Florals for dances (corsages, bouquets, boutonnières)

Bridal Rental Items (vases, chairs, tables, bars, boxwood walls)

Real Estate Florals (closings, open house, vacation rentals)


''Mont Blanc'' exemplifies a well-traveled coastal retreat featuring iconic architectural styling prominently positioned to offer an unparalleled Gulf Front lifestyle along the pristine white sand beaches of Seagrove, Florida. Pushing the boundaries of both architectural design and fortified construction, this idyllic legacy home pairs utmost quality and artistic inspiration into a refined finish that is unrivaled in Northwest Florida. Newly furnished and finely outfitted by Robin Rains Interior Design, this iconic architectural marvel has been highly curated with priceless furniture, accessories, home automation, window treatments, lighting and artwork by one of Nashville's premier designers

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