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The women who make the magazine

"It's such a thrill to tell the stories of so many local entrepreneurs, artists, and community members here on the Front Range. It's a privilege to highlight their journeys—especially those of the many amazing, talented, and powerful women I've met throughout my time as a writer."

- Lisa Van Horne, writer 

Being in commercial photography, which is a mostly male-dominated industry has had its own set of challenges; however, having had the opportunity to regularly contribute to the Lifestyle Publications has allowed me to meet and see first-hand some really amazing, talented, and successful female entrepreneurs, designers and artists. Having taken a step back to reflect on this, I can say those experiences have been incredibly inspiring and played a role in the growth of my career and business. 

- Kylie Fitts, photographer

Being a woman in the publishing world means that I sometimes tap into the softer side of the stories I hear. As a writer, this means I can help amplify others' voices, especially the quieter ones, to make sure they are heard, which is everything." 

- Emily O'Brien, writer  

There are pros and cons to being in an industry consisting mostly of women. Like other female-dominated industries, the pay tends to be lower, but I find that the freedom, flexibility, camaraderie, and support help make up for the whole not-ever-getting-rich thing. When women come together, we can create beautiful things in beautiful ways, and I love to be a part of that process. 

- Allyson Reedy, writer 

It is a great responsibility and a wonderful privilege to get to share in the stories of my community and to use my words to amplify the many inspiring voices that surround me. 

- Kelli Hargrove, writer 

Publishing is a space that promotes the explosive collision of thinkers, creatives, intellects and entrepreneurs. For a writer, publishing means the opportunity and privilege to exist at the intellectual intersection of these identities. But what is unique and empowering about this sphere is not only being afforded the opportunity to simply record these experiences, but to be celebrated for contributing the unique intersectionality of your own identity to these narratives, as a women and much more. This is both empowering and critical for feminine-identifying people because when the world places inherent value in your words, what follows is the world placing inherent value in your self. 

- Kelly Ernst, writer 

I feel so incredibly lucky to be a female in the publishing world today, especially when I get to uplift and tell other women's stories. The publishing industry, especially the community created here, has allowed me to make so many incredible connections with other artists, creatives and business women. It has given me opportunities and created an environment to learn, create, collaborate and grow with other women in the community, and I hope to inspire other women and artists to join in this industry.

- Kelsey Huffer, photographer 

Being a woman and a writer, I tell narratives through the heart via language that aims to bring us all closer together, so that the voices of our communities are uplifted rather than overlooked. Storytelling is an honor and a responsibility, and during these historical times, telling the truth and listening to one another has never been more important. I strive to act with empathy when covering a range of subjects while also observing without judgment, questioning when necessary, and always digging a little deeper to expand the conversation towards progress. 

- Livia Hooson, writer

My love and passion for print have been on fire since I was a kid sitting in the magazine isle of the grocery store. Being a woman in this field is a true gift. I have the opportunity to bring grace, kindness, and empathy to everything I contribute to. I am thankful to be part of a publication that celebrates our community connecting individuals and companies together for the greater good.

- Chantel Ellerington, publication director 

Working beside incredible women photographers, writers, designers and creators is something that I have come to cherish most in my career. I love looking up each day and seeing the women that give my work meaning and inspire me to keep creating. This community is built by some BA women and I will keep building and supporting the women that have created that framework.

- Alexandré Hooson, creative director 

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