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Berthoud Businesses We Love

Berthoud Chamber Director, Reanna Philpot's Favorite Local Gems

Cornerstone Café: Located inside the New Freedom Outreach Center, it's the perfect place for sizzling bacon and great hospitality. They serve up delicious breakfast and lunch at an affordable price.

Hays Market: The best little local-owned grocery store in the heart of Berthoud, Hays Market offers everything from fresh produce to beautiful flower arrangements, and a rockin’ sushi chef! 

B-Town Automotive: Locally owned and operated, B-town provides incredible car care, customer service, and supports many local endeavors.

Ko-Fe House: Stop by Ko-Fe House for amazing coffee and great vibes. Locally owned and operated, Ko-Fe House also offers free drinks for first responders.

Berthoud Brewing: Berthoud Brewing is a long-time community supporter. With a large outdoor patio and a delicious food truck every day, you're sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day!

  • Reanna Philpot Executive Director Berhoud Chamber of Commerce

As the Executive Director of the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce, Reanna Philpot has a passion for building lasting relationships with people and driving business growth. She has spent over 6 years in business development and chamber of commerce industry. Her expertise is connecting people and advising business owners on effective ways to network to build and grow their presence in Northern Colorado.