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Aesthicare brings top-tier medical aesthetics to the Northland

There was a time when people thought they knew what Botox or fillers looked like. Frozen smiles with a constant look of surprise or cartoonishly large lips were the expectation. But Noreen  Bollinger, RN, BSN, a nurse-injector and partial owner in the newest location of Aestheticare Med Spa in Liberty, assures me that this is no longer the case. 

"It's kind of like art. You're sculpting the face to make it look more youthful and very natural. Many people are scared of filler because of those crazy people that you see walking around with too much. When you do really nice, beautiful filler on people, nobody should ever think you've had something done. They should just think you look really good. The best filler is the most undetectable," says Bollinger. 

Bollinger brings her passion for fillers and injectables to the Liberty office that opened in September of 2020. Aestheticare is an institution in Leawood, started by Matt and Kathy Taranto in 2001. Now, dedicated Northlanders no longer have to make the trek to Leawood to receive the city's best medical aesthetics. 

The office offers a variety of services, including the newest Coolsculpting technology. The Coolsculpting Elite can treat twice the area in one session by using dual applicators to freeze fat cells, which are later ejected from the body, revealing results in 30-90 days. Aestheticare also utilizes the Zimmer machine that helps break fat cells down more quickly.

Most clients start with the Visia Skin Analysis, which takes photos of what's going on under the skin to see what types of treatments might be the most beneficial. Bollinger says that accurate assessment is one of the priorities that set Aestheticare Med Spa apart from other medical spas. 

"A lot of practices will treat anybody. We don't do that. If we don't think that a service will benefit you, we'll tell you that you won't get the result you want. If you don't get results, you'll be mad, and we want people to be happy with our work," says Bollinger. 

This commitment to quality aesthetics has been a benchmark of Bollinger's career. She started as a registered nurse but tried out injecting after a product representative for one of the injectables took a fitness class that she was teaching. 

"At the time, I really didn't know what that meant. The more I learned, the more I loved it, and I just ended up changing career paths. I can't imagine working a nursing floor now," she says. 

Since her first foray into aesthetics, Bollinger has not only mastered myriad injectable products; she's become a trainer in many as well. After becoming a trainer with Mint, the training arm of Aestheticare, in 2016, she knew that she wanted to work with the Tarantos and their team if there was ever a chance. 

That chance came last year, and since their opening, there has only been growth. Their staff of four each specializes in different areas, from lasers to CoolSculpting to injectables to hydro facials. Now, Bollinger says that they need more space for another aesthetician to meet the demand. 

Although there are many medical spas to choose from now, Bollinger says that Aestheticare's commitment to continuing education sets them apart. 

"We spend so much money on continuing education. The field is always changing. With filler especially, experience is so important. You have to find someone that really has a passion for it and understands what they are doing so that you get the optimal results," says Bollinger. 

Aestheticare Med Spa is raising the bar for women and men in the Northland, and they take the job seriously. As Bollinger says, "In this business, less is always more. Knowing the right treatment in the right amounts is essential." 

With a highly experienced team and cutting-edge technology, Aestheticare is putting the Northland's best faces forward. Learn more at

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