Best Friends

Who rescued whom?

A million thanks and woofs to our friends at Narrative Coffee Mercato who hosted our photo shoot, To all the customers that day, we appreciate your willingness to share your sacred coffee space with these fine folks and their four-legged besties.

Jake Maulin and Rider

Rider is a three-year-old rescue from the Humane Society of Naples. The Humane Society works with an organization in Puerto Rico to bring dogs to Naples before hurricanes. Rider is a Black Mouth Cur. He’s energetic and friendly. He comes to Cyclebar every day, and can usually be found sunning himself in front of CycleBar. He is loved by all, and he is particularly fond of regulars and staff of CycleBar. (sometimes he scores a sleepover) We adopted Rider on September 18, 2019. His favorite things are car rides, running, flying in airplanes (yep) and, of course, toys. 

Amy Staiger and Brutus

Brutus is a 10-year-old dachshund/beagle mix that I rescued a little over 4 years ago. I know he had a rough life before we met, so I try absolutely everything I can to make sure he is living his best life today! He is a fashionista, with his own closet, that holds his collection of over 140 bow ties! I had a really tough past year, and in March I decided to leave Ohio and move to Naples, just the two of us. I’m so happy he loves Naples, and the beach, just as much as I do. He is my rock, and I couldn’t have made it without him! #whorescuedwho

Jennifer Auray and Maddy

We took a 16-hour trek from Naples to the mountains of Patrick Springs, VA. to rescue our precious Maddy.  As we pulled in the driveway and saw her sitting there with these beautiful, piercing tiger-colored eyes, we knew it was meant to be. Maddy’s playful personality and unconditional love is what makes her so special. She greets everyone with a friendly howl, loves to sit by the kitchen sink to get her quota of cheese, taking her 3-mile walk in the early morning, going for rides in the car, and waits for us by the front door. There is nothing more precious than coming home after a rough day at work than to be greeted by this goofy, happy soul who just wants to please you and love you.  We are truly blessed. Jennifer is Vice President | Regional Marketing and Communications (Florida)  5/3 Bank

Deanna Deppen and Ozzy

Ozzy is a 10 year old rescue living at Shy Wolf Sanctuary until he finds a new home. He was sold as a Native American Indian Dog (NAID), which is a made-up breed for what is truly a wolfdog. Embark DNA testing put Ozzy at about 26% wolf. He is also part shepherd, husky and malamute.  He is one of the center’s ambassador animals and has been surrounded by hundreds of children at schools and camps.  He’s also a wolfdog with a purpose and would make a great live-in therapy animal. Deanna Deppen is Executive Director at Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

Laura Georgelos and Coco

Coco was 1.9 lbs of white fluff and soulful brown eyes when I saw her in the breeder’s playpen. I couldn’t resist! She is a 7-year-old Maltese, which is a super sweet lap dog breed. She definitely likes her cuddles and will scratch at the side of the bed, waiting for me to scoop her up and plop her in the bed with me. She’s wonderful, loving company.

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