Best Mother's Day Ever!

Our favorite gals share their memories of the day and offer suggestions for gifts and celebrations

Midlothian Lifestyle brought some of our favorite women together for brunch at Cameo Cakery & Cafe, where they feasted on sweet and savory creations handmade by Christina Miller and her staff. We asked them about their favorite Mother's Day and their ideas for the perfect gift or celebration. Here's what they told us. 

Memorable Mother’s Days

“My firstborn was only 4 months old,” says Ashley Sill, regional director of Gather RVA. “I spent the entire day with her and my husband gifted me with a necklace with her initials.”

“When I was a child, I got my mom a packet of flower seeds,” recalls Crystal Yi of Renee’s Auto Care. “Twenty-five years later, she still tends the flowers that grew from those seeds. It means so much to me!”

I took my parents to Denver,” says Rhonda Howlett Carroll, founder and principal broker of Clocktower Realty Group. “My mom had never flown and neither of my parents had seen the Rockies. We went to a Broncos game with tickets on the 50-yard line. We still talk about it!”

“My girls usually make me breakfast in bed and go to church with me,” says Courtney Perini, an agent with Greer Jones Properties. “They write the sweetest cards!”

Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts

“When I was younger, I got my mom a nameplate necklace that said ‘Mom’,” says Crystal. “She wore it every day. Last year, I got nameplate necklaces for all the women in my family with their names written in Korean. I wanted to recognize them as individuals and let mom know that our Korean culture is important to me.” 

“When I was little, I made my mom cards,” says Navonna Hart, owner/broker, Century 21 @ Home. “Before she passed, she gave some of them back to me. I knew how much they meant to her because she kept them all.”

“My boys made me a raised garden bed,” says Rhonda. “I love gardening and I really love a thoughtful gift, so it was perfect.”

Mother’s Day for a Mom Who Has Lost a Child

Our women agree it’s a mistake to ignore the day and encouraged some act of kindness toward a friend or family member suffering this sort of loss. Keep in mind that if you've never lost a child, you really can’t relate nor should you try.

“I reach out by text,” says Laurel Otey of Layered Living. “I can’t make this time easier for them, but it helps to feel acknowledged and know that the support is available.”

“I lost a good friend in college,” says Courtney. “I send her mother flowers each year and reach out to her to talk about her daughter.” Rhonda had a similar experience, losing her best friend when they were 19: “I still keep in touch with his Mom (and Dad). I try to keep it simple: a card, flowers, a visit. You just need to let them know you’re there for support.”

“My best friend and I each suffered a miscarriage in the months prior to Mother’s Day (a year apart) before our firstborns,” says Ashley. “We spent time holding each other’s hands through it, knowing we were still mothers even with the loss.”  

Men and Mother’s Day

Our women agree that men should help their children make Mother’s Day special. For their own moms, our women suggested a gift certificate she’d enjoy using, a meal at her favorite restaurant, and time with her.

“A fun gift for any mom would be a re-creation of an old photo from when she was younger,” says Ashley.

“Time given is the best gift,” says Navonna. “My best Mother’s Days are when my boys (grown men now) invite me to go hiking.”

“My husband is a super-involved dad and proactive co-parent year-round, and he helps the kids make their cards and handmade gifts for me,” says Laurel. “Crafting is not an activity he enjoys, so him dedicating time to this is definitely a sign of his love and appreciation for me!”


Best Gifts for Mom
Handmade cards from children
A girls’ day out with her daughters
Any time spent with sons doing a mutually enjoyable activity
A gift of self-care, such as time at a salon
Something personalized with children’s names or initials
Breakfast in bed or a meal at a favorite restaurant
Something that references a good memory from the past
Something that makes a new memory – a trip, a meaningful gesture, something that lasts

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